15 Things I want My Daughters to Know About Being a Mom


15 Things I Want My Daughters to Know About Being a Mom

You are so young and darling right now. It is hard to imagine that one day you too will be a mother as I am. The day will come though, Lord willing ,and in my arms I will hold the beautiful grandchild you have blessed me with.

On that day, you will become a MOTHER! The most amazing title you can have!

I have so many hopes and dreams for you as a mother. I pray you find the joy I have found in loving someone so dearly and deeply.

I pray their tiny little fingers make your heart skip a beat and their sweet kicks in your belly make you giggle with amazement.

There is so much I want you to know about being a mother but in my opinion, these are the most precious pieces I can give you.

1)Be silly.

Don’t let the demands of your day or the need to be a role model ever stand in the way of showing your kids that you can have a great time with them. Dance around, make a fool of yourself and delight in their giggles.

2) You can NEVER hug and kiss them too much.

They need your arms around them and you need it too. There is something so powerful as a touch. Don’t miss one single moment to embrace those sweet babies no matter how big they grow.

3) It really will hurt you more than it hurts them.

Grandma used to tell me this when I was sad or when I was being punished.  I didn’t believe her and you probably won’t believe me…until that first time when their hearts are broken or you have to take away something they love so much. Then you will understand. It will hurt you so much more.

4) Getting sick is not an option.

Oh sweet girls, enjoy the princess treatment now when you are sick in bed because as a mother, you just do not get this luxury!

5) Don’t lose yourself.

Far to easily you can get sucked into the mommy role which is a beautiful thing but in the midst of everyone needing you, don’t forget to keep up what you love. Don’t forget what makes you shine… and make time for it!

6) Don’t forget the man who started all of this!

That man you call your husband? Don’t forget to put him at the top of your list. Have fun with him, make sure he knows how important he is to you and never lose that sparkle in your eye for him even on the days you are exhausted. You need him. He needs you.

7)You  are Jesus to them.

These sweet little angels come into this world, eager to learn, and ready to soak it all in. They can not know about Jesus unless you show them who He is through every chance you get. When you eat, brush teeth, clean up, find ways to tell them who He is and why you love Him so much.

8) You will never feel adequate enough.

You will always wonder what else you could be doing, why you can’t seem to do it right or how you must be ruining them. A little secret though, that is part of being mommy. You want to give them the VERY BEST and with God’s guidance you will do just fine!

9)Don’t compare yourself to that other mom.

It is so easy to see or read about what other mom’s are doing because you just don’t measure up.  Don’t buy into that lie, sweetheart. You are the mom those sweet babies needed and God chose you to be their mom because they needed who you are. You posses all the qualities you need to be the mom they need! Be YOU!

10) Listen, Listen, listen!

Start when they are young so that when they are older they know you will be there. Listen when they have grand stories to tell you. Listen when they repeat the same word over and over again and you just know you’ve been waiting for it to end for at least 30 mintues.  When the hormones start raging and the temptations are strong, they will know who is ready to listen when they are ready to talk.

11) Make friends too.

You will need someone to cry to who understands and you will need someone to laugh at you and say “Me too!” Having a friend, a real friend, in this stage in life is crucial. They are hard to find, but with prayer, the Lord will lead them to your life. Be ready to welcome them in!

12)Give yourself grace.

Some days you may not make it out of your pj’s. Other days you might not feel like being needed at all. It is ok. Let the feelings come and then let them go. Start over the next day. List your blessings and begin again!

13)Sometimes you DON’T have to clean.

You will find that the house can be destroyed within an hour! You may spend all night cleaning only to find they woke up and destroyed it all!  There is a time to clean, and a time to sit down and rest or read a good book. There is a time to work together organizing the pile of toys and a time to put on the bathing suits and run through the sprinklers.  Stay sane but don’t let it consume you.

14) This too shall pass.

Cherish every minute you can. Study their faces as often as possible. Remember the curve of their sweet puffy cheeks or the way their tiny bottoms look in those diapers while they run. memorize their sweet, soft hand in yours because before you know it, the years have passed by and as special as each year and stage is, your heart will cling to the memories from before. Hold on to as much of them as you can.

And for the most important thing to remember…

15)Make your relationship with Jesus Christ the top priority.

Hopefully you hear this from me constantly and I pray you witness it in my life but the only way you can make it through these years with joy and success is by talking with your Heavenly Father daily (sometimes minute by minute). No matter what trial you face, and you will, or how long the day may seem, He is there waiting to fill you with peace and strength. I know this all too well and sadly I know what can happen when you take your relationship with Him for granted. Cling to him. Make every effort to step away for even moments at a time to visit with Him.


Well, as I said in the beginning, there is so much to know about being a mother. Right now, where I am as your mom, this is what I know and this is what I pray you remember.

Your going to shine as a mom! You’re going love it! Those nights when you get no sleep because a stomach bug passed through all the kids at once or those days when you and your husband can’t seem to say a word to one another without interruptions from all ends…I promise they are worth every moment. You seem to forget every bit of inconvenience you face when you hear “mom, I love you.” And oh baby, I will be so thrilled to hear about it when it happens! Call me!



Your momma


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