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A friend of mine told me about this blog party today and even though I just started my website I am excited to join the PARTY!  You have to start somewhere, right? I am excited to meet other women who share my passion.

So, for those of you reading this and know nothing about me, let me share!  I am a wife of 10 years this June to a restaurant manager of a very tasty steak house! We love to laugh together and honestly that and our faith is what has gotten us through so hard times.

Derrick and I

I am a mother to 3 amazing children!  Mackenzie who will be 5 in two weeks is our little artist. She baffles me every day with a new creation and I love her gentle little spirit.  My next daughter was born just 21 months later and three weeks before her due date.  Little did we know, she would always be in a rush and a fiery little thing! Good thing we named her Ember! Ember, now 3 years old, is going places in life so watch out world…for now, watch out mom and keep drinking your caffeine!  After Ember, my son was born. He is 9 months old and is on his way to be one big boy! He is only happy when walking, Problem is, he can’t yet. Makes for an interesting day!!  I have to schedule extra time anytime I take him with me anywhere because everyone needs to stop and talk to him.  He has one fantastic smile and is quite the little charmer.  He has me wrapped around his finger, I must admit.

Ember and Mackenzie

Ember and Mackenzie

Sawyer 9 months


I am a stay at home mom which is a dream come true after working full time for the first two years of my oldest daughters life.  Right now I am homeschooling my girls and I love every minute of it. They ask to do school as soon as they wake up so I am guessing they like it too!


I started blogging off and on about 3 years ago but after much prayer and excitement, I felt led to start this blog called Raising Up Stones and really do this blogging thing to the fullest.  I am still learning so much.  Blogging is a language all in itself but I do know that I dream of encouraging and inspiring other moms through these long days we all are walking through. In a split second you can go from overflowing joy to a complete break down and want to run away! It’s just part of the job! I hope to bring laughter to other women while also helping them with friendship and support.

I could go on and on about myself so grab a cup of coffee and send me a message! I’d love to hear about you!


12 comments to Blog Party Time!!

  • Hey! I decided to post my personal blog on the Christian part of the blog party list and guess who’s picture is right next to mine??? YOURS! Hey, I know her! Ha ha!

  • Sweet kiddos!! And we homeschool too. Glad to “meet” you through the UBP14!

    • Cassandra

      Than you! Isn’t homeschooling fun yet completely scary?!? So many choices but so thankful to have a choice! Good to meet you too!

  • Hi, Cassandra! Your kiddos are beautiful. It’s fun to see how God makes them so different from one another, isn’t it? I’ve got a boy and a girl. It’s hard to believe he’ll be 13 next week and she’s turning 8. We’ve started some projects with each of them to teach them what it means to be a godly man or woman. Pretty exciting stuff! You can catch me over at Nice to meet you!

    • Cassandra

      Thank you so much Dana. It is a lot of fun to see their differences and wow, it keeps you on your toes. I am so thankful for focus on the Family. I listen to their broadcasts as much as possible and I have been so encouraged with each personality in my children. You have a teenager on your hands now. That will be a whole new world! I look forward to reading your blog! Nice to meet you too and thank you for checking out mine!

  • Stopping by from #UBP14. So nice to meet you and get to see your new blog. Your family is beautiful! Such joy. Blessings to you today–Janet Reeves

  • I love coming across other homeschool bloggers. We’ve been homeschooling for 10+ years and just graduated our first last May and she’s off enjoying her first year of college. Look forward to reading more of your blog. Stopped by from the UPB2014.. Many blessings <

    • Thank you Lynn! I am sure I will have some questions for you! I love meeting other mothers who have walked ahead of me. My mom homeschooled us from the beginning…all three of us! Now that I am just in my first year, I am making sure she knows how much I appreciate her! It is not easy. Oh, so much fun though!

  • What a beautiful family. Oh! Restaurant manager hubby! That sounds divine. Can you tell I like steak? Thanks for visiting my corner.

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