My Dear Kindergartner and Preschooler… 4 Things I Pray You Learn This Year

4 Things I Pray You Learn This YearMy dear growing girls,

Today was your first day of school. Mackenzie, you started Kindergarten and Ember, you started Preschool! We have counted down the weeks and the days for awhile now. We have talked about what we would do, what we would wear and what the room would look like. It is finally here! School is finally here.

Mackenzie's First Day of KindergartenEmber's First Day of Preschool


Mommy is just as excited as you are. My heart is full of excitement because of the possibilities ahead of you and the adventures your little minds will take you on. There are so many books I can’t wait to introduce you to, math problems I will drop my jaw that you can figure, periods of history to bring to life for you and countries to take you to from the convenience of our home!

As excited as I am, my eyes are wet with tears. What happened? When did I blink and you became such grown up little ladies? Ember, you wrote your name today! You are 3 years old but those tiny fingers of yours carved out each letter of your name using your Pinky  Pie pencil. Mommy did not think you could do it and right before my eyes you did!  Mackenzie, I have been so uneasy about going through phonics with you. Up until last month you really had little interest in writing letters let alone trying to make the sounds of them. As you and I sat together, sounding out each letter, your little mind came alive and your eyes lit up. You wanted to go on to the next page and before I knew it we were way further than I had anticipated even going. It all clicked and we both have the confidence that you will be reading in no time now. You are ready and mommy is thrilled!

Ember writes her name!


I know it is my job to train you to become these big, beautiful and intelligent girls but I didn’t know it would come so soon and I never imagined it would make me so proud.  I learned to love you in a way I didn’t last night. I fell in love with your little minds today and sat in amazement at how fabulous it is that God has entrusted them to  me to help mold.

Both girls on their first day of school

As we embark on this year, there are 4 things I want you to learn. Mackenzie, if you make it through Kindergarten and you still struggle with tying your shoes or Ember, if we make it to the last day of Preschool and you can’t read small words, that will be ok. We will work it out but I pray that these 4 things will be evident in your year and in your precious little lives. These are what matter most.

  1. To love learning.  I want you to see learning as an adventure. Learn to see school as something that leads you through exciting stories and challenging concepts that not only inspire you to learn more and dig deeper but drive you to ask questions and never stop!
  2. To be confident in your abilities. You are fantastic and your mind is a sponge! Right now is the time to do anything you can.  I hope you reach for the stars and follow your dreams. You can do it and I hope I can help you see that. If your not doing it now, keep trying, it will happen!
  3. To know more about who God is. One awesome part of being your teacher is I can teach you all about our God and who He is. A huge prayer of mine is that through mommy’s passionate love for God, your faith will grow and you will come to see how amazing He is.
  4. To give your best. That is just it, give it all you have and I ask nothing more of you. If you put your very best into each thing you do, then you’re a winner…always!

This year is going to be amazing, girls. We are going to learn, grow and laugh a lot. Mommy may pull her hair out some days and other days we may all just sit and cry together ,but after that, we will pick ourselves up and try again! What a blessing you are and what a gift to be your “mommy teacher”!

Mac's first day of KEm's first day of PK


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