5 Crazy Ways To Join The Silly Mommy Club


5 Crazy Ways To Join The Silly Mommy Club: encouragement for mommies to let go and enjoy these priceless years.

There are many names I have acquired over the years. Some I like and some I despise!  For instance, Sassy Cassie. Surprisingly, I don’t mind that one. My best friend’s mother always called me Sassy or Sas and so hearing that name brings back fond memories of one of my favorite women in my childhood. There was also the name her brothers gave me…gassy Cassie…no thank you! That would be the example of the DESPISED NAME! I have been Casafras, Casserella, and just plain Cass.  When I was almost 4 I received my first most prized title; sister or sissy. I held that name to the highest of honors and still do. Later, as I grew to the age of the babysitting years, I became Miss Cassie. I loved hearing that from those tiny little people! Soon, I received the cutest name ive ever been given; Doll from my boyfriend and now husband. I still melt when he calls me that. Almost two years later, I took on a name that will forever be mine, Mrs. Stone. I carry that name with much pride!  With  excitement, almost 5 years later I took on my most treasured title; mommy, momma, mom!  Then, one day, out of the mouths of my two girls I heard my most favorite name that I hope to forever live up to: SILLY MOMMY.

You see, let me break out what this name means to me. By receiving this name and title, I know that I have the power to make my three year old giggle her famous raspy and contagious giggle at any time I please. I have the power to take my five year olds grumpy attitude with arms crossed and solid scowl and crack it until I see that gorgeous teethy grin with the shining brown eyes. Being Silly mommy means my one year old thinks I am just about the funniest thing he has ever seen! Being Silly mommy may not seem like much to you, but to me, it is everything and I hold that name close to my heart.

Because I am so passionate about my name given out of complete love and honesty, I am also passionate about sharing how I believe I was so honored to receive such a title and how you can be “silly mommy” too.  When my youngest was very young, I was overwhelmed with how quickly her life was rushing before my eyes. I had been told this would happen but I never guessed it would happen so quickly or I would feel so helpless watching it pass! I made the prompt decision that I would cherish every moment I could with her and in doing that, have fun with her. I decided that dishes would be there after she went to bed and toys in the living room could sit there a little longer. I also knew I wanted to bring a smile to her face, no matter the cost. I wanted to make her smile and laugh as often as possible and if I looked “silly” while doing it, the smile was even bigger. Not to mention, the bond between us seemed to grow stronger. I let my “adult guard” down, if you will, and children can sense that. I learned this in my babysitting years. A child knows who they can be themselves with, who they can open themselves to. I wanted to enjoy my daughter. I wanted my daughter to enjoy me.

Two babies later, here we are and now here I am “Silly Mommy”! I have worked for that title and I am sharing it with the world.  You can capture these years just a little longer and make real memories that you will never forget. Here are five ways I have become Silly Mommy.

1) Feed off of their creativity.      The other day, we were outside playing in the kiddie pool. Ember saw a few bugs and screamed, She hates them, but Mac, my little nature loving flower child, thinks they are fascinating!  I saw the spider that one was screaming at and the other was inspecting and we all realized the colors. This spider honestly looked like the Mrs. Sunny Patch spider. Each girl began to talk about who it looked like and I began to talk for the spider. “Oh hello! I am Mrs. Sunny Patch.  Please do not hurt me! I am just walking to my daily tea with friends!”  The girls giggled, I removed the spider quietly and we all had fun talking about it later. Children are full of adventure and creativity. Take their wonder filled ideas and run with them! Let them create even bigger ideas and help them unleash their minds!

2) Bring on the music.  Every day needs music in it. Get up and dance with them. Dance with all of your heart! Sing Disney songs at the top of your lungs. If you notice, children perform songs and dances like no one is watching. They don’t worry about the steps or the notes or the words. They feel the music and they let out that heart full! A couple of nights ago, at the dinner table, the girls were singing Let It Go (once again…our daily anthem), I listened intently and when it came to the best part of the song I…well, I let it go! I raised my arms, stood up and with my most operatic voice, belted it out! They stopped everything, starred at me with horror and then complete laughter broke out!  We had the best time coming up with different songs to sing in different silly voices. I hope to have more nights like that!

3) Become part of their fairy tale.  My girls adore dressing up. We have the cutest little dress up station and the costume collection has grown and grown over three years! In any given day, we are princesses, pirates, cowboys, Minnie mouse, and our newest, Harry Potter. When Mackenzie was around 3 years old, in her favorite sleeping beauty princess dress, she laid on the wood floor with hands on her chest. At first I had no idea what she was doing until I remembered the story of sleeping beauty. I shook her and she did not budge, so I become the missing character she was looking for. “OH DEAR! My love has fallen in a deep sleep.  I must wake her with true loves kiss!”  I kissed her and her eyes widened.  She did this every day for many more months but when she is thirteen, that this the kind of memory I will cherish!

4) Make daily tasks an adventure. I try, when I can loosen up enough to remember, to make the every day chores entertaining. When cleaning the toy room, we will turn on music that makes you want to jump around and clap your hands. When cleaning their room, I will make two piles and see who can make the pile disappear the fastest. I have had my youngest daughter pretend to be Cinderella and mop the floors (I know that one sounds totally wrong but she loved it!). I have even had them pretend the dirty clothes were hot and they would have to run them to me to cool them down! The things you think of to get a little help around the house!!  Make even the most daunting of tasks something they can learn to enjoy and maybe even you could learn to love them too!

5) Channel your inner child.  Remember the feeling of seeing fireflies for the first time; That feeling of wind in your hair as you would swing as high as your feet would take you? Do you remember the smell of mom’s cookies baking in the fall and the feeling of accomplishment the first time you pedaled your bike without falling for the very first time? Your childhood came with smells, feelings, sounds and sites that you will never forget. Somehow though, we forget to let ourselves experience this again through our children. We are given a gift of living childhood through a different set of eyes. This time we get to watch on the other side as the amazement hits the glow of those precious eyes. Next time it rains, get out and let it pour over you with your kids. Take that chance to play slug bug when the Volkswagen drives by! Enjoy and embrace these moments. Thank God for the gift!  Let that little girl inside out to play every once in awhile!

There you have it, a few of the reasons I am “Silly Mommy”. I hope you can be silly mommy too and if you already share that title with me, good for you! There are so many benefits to being in this silly club.

  • It Keeps you young
  • Keeps them young
  • Appreciation for life for all of you
  • Memories that will forever bring a smile
  • Better attitudes
  • The joy of the Lord will be evident to your children and others
  • It keeps you smiling
  • The stresses of life seem less significant
  • You can become an inspiration to other moms who are struggling

Won’t you join the club?!? Your kids are begging you to! One mother I am so inspired by is Natalie at The Busy Budgeting Mama.  You will continually see her dancing, singing and letting her true self shine with her children. I’m almost sure she has to be part of the silly mommy club too!

More seriously, I pray that you can embrace the joy of motherhood to these little balls of energy. Allowing yourself to be silly with them, at times when it is beneficial ( I know there are definitely times when being silly is not our job at the moment), can bring you deeper with your child and somehow also give you a joy that is contagious!

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.     -Proverbs 17:22

silly mommy 4


Join the fun! If you take a picture or share a story of silly mommy moments throughout your day, use the hashtag #sillymommyclub.  As moms, Lets spread the word about the joys of being silly and encourage other mommas to join us!

12 comments to 5 Crazy Ways To Join The Silly Mommy Club

  • This post hit home and shined the light on me, lol! So very true how we need to ‘let loose’ more often. To embrace our world of Mommy-hood. This is one of those posts that I will remember in those times when you just don’t want to play a 15th game of Candy Land!!
    Susen @ Dabbling Momma recently posted…Nominated for Liebster Award!My Profile

    • So glad you enjoyed it and that it brought some encouragement! It is so easy to forget having fun in the midst of all the mundane chores and the chaos we face all day long! Oh and yes, candy land…not my favorite game in the world! Although, it is better than the matching games out there. lol

  • This is so delightful!

    My girls call me silly mommy too! I love the ways that you have “earned” this title. I’m all about the crazy dance parties and the imaginary play.

    Love the photo too!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely week.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…{these moments: July 2014}My Profile

  • How FUN! My daughter and I love ‘dress-ups’ and make-believe, and acting out music lyrics… Now I’m smiling! 🙂
    Janet recently posted…The ScheduleMy Profile

  • Oh, you made me laugh with your Cinderella mopping!!! I love that one. My favorite way to be a silly mommy is to whip out one of my weird accents. I was in theatre in high school, so I’ll do a silly British voice or something else that takes them completely off guard. They always look at me like “Hmmm…this isn’t my usual serious mommy, but I like it.”

    By the way, this was the most popular link last week, so I’m featuring it in the pin-it party tomorrow/tonight!
    Gabby@MamaGab recently posted…I’m Nursing a Two Year Old: World Breastfeeding Week 2014My Profile

  • […] most clicked link last week was 5 Crazy Ways to Join the Silly Mommy Club from Cassandra at Raising Up Stones.   This post will make you laugh…and want to sing & dance with your kids more often. […]

  • Hi Cassandra!! I just saw your msg on my blog and responded there as well. 🙂 Thank you so much for typing!! And THANK YOU for sharing my blog. That is super cool. Thanks!! Your blog and this msg are both super cool. You have a great site. I am going to go through and look at it after I cook dinner. lol. Looks like we both like to be silly. Yay! ha!! (Lucille Ball from I LOVE LUCY is an inspiration!!). I followed your other sites Twitter, Pinterest and Google, etc., as well, to stay connected. I also shared your post on Google+… sharing the love. haha!! I hope we can stay in touch. It’s so awesome to have another sister in Christ, encourage each other and be SiLLy together! 😉 xo Cindy

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