6 Things I Accept About Me


6 Things I Accept About Me

There are many things about myself that I would like to change. I want to learn to listen more. My prayer is that I will conquer this need to have a resolution or an answer to everything, right away.  oh, how I would love to get lazer hair removal so I would never have to shave AGAIN!  I mean seriously, when that cold chill comes I will not have wasted my time just an hour before shaving!

I have countless things I would like to change physically, spiritually and mentally but the other day, it hit me.  Some things may never change, and that is ok. Maybe that is just me. Maybe that is beautiful me and maybe that is enough.

So, I decided to write down a few that I have felt guilty for or hoped to conquer but are fun little quirks about me. Why do I NEED to change them?

 1. I don’t like baths

Now, before that goes on record meaning I don’t bathe, Let me explain.  I do not like to sit in stagnate water and watch fallen hairs float beside me. I do not find it relaxing in the slightest.  In order to take a bath, I have to scrub the tub, whether I scrubbed it the day before or not. It is a huge process just to feel calm enough to sit in the tub let alone actually relax and feel refreshed.

I have always wanted to WANT to take a bath but it just isn’t me and that is ok. I accept it.

2. I don’t read fiction

As a child, reading was not fun for me.  As time has gone on, I actually desire a good book but I really love reading to learn and grow.  After reading a book , I need the satisfaction of knowing it was for a reason, otherwise, I would rather watch a movie, not read about it.  I know I have turned off a lot of friends now! But hear me out.  I wish I did enjoy fiction. I see some books my sister is reading and I want to enjoy them too but I just don’t. I will choose a good Netflix show and call it a day!

That is ok. That is me … I accept that.

3. I don’t shut up

This is the one part of me I have tried to change my whole life. From the beginning, I have been told that I need to stop talking. “You talk too much” “You never SHUT UP!” I know the words were not meant to hurt me but I honestly WANTED to learn to shut my mouth.  Now I’m not talking about keeping your mouth shut when what you say needs to be left unsaid. I just plainly mean talking TOO much! When I feel uncomfortable, I don’t stop talking. When I am scared, I talk your ear off. When I am really excited…guess what?  I talk even more! I have a lot that goes through my mind and I want to share every thought with everyone! ( good thing I started this blog, right.)  Oh my poor sweet husband. God bless him for all that he listens to (or tunes out) each day!

Truth, I am a talker and somewhere in there are words that God uses to bless people or make them laugh at my insanity, that’s me … I accept it.

 4. I can’t dance

My dream was to be a ballerina but my mom started me in piano instead. That was ok, because I was a natural dancer, or so I thought.  I really thought this! I just knew my long legs and skinny boyish frame were perfect to get me in! That was until I did a little performance for my family and they all laughed…don’t blame them, I am really that bad!  I still desire to have those “smooth” moves or the perfect rhythm but instead everyone counts on me at weddings to bring a laugh. I have mastered the Steve Urkel and can even make the sound of the weed eater during my performance!

Dancing is not my thing, at least dancing well. I still have fun though and here at home, my kids think I’m fabulous…so I accept that!

5. My boobs are gone and they aren’t coming back

I didn’t have much to begin with. I was the girl with the Water bra and …wait for it…the pump up bra! Yes, it had a small hand pump that you could use to enlarge cleavage.  I think the only reason my mom let me get it was because she knew there was no hope for my barely A’s! (I really can’t believe I am even telling you this.)  After marriage and my first child I grew a little but breastfeeding three milk thirsty creatures will change a woman and they took every thing I had…they took it all!  <Sigh>

And as much as I would love to join the club of busty ladies…that is not me. I did provide nourishment for 3 little angels though and that is enough…I accept it.

6. I absolutely hate to disappoint you

This one is a little more serious but oh so true and I was faced with it tonight. It is literally gut wrenching for me to tell you something I know you don’t want to hear like “no, I can’t” or “no, I didn’t.” It breaks my heart.   While I do have to learn that disappointing is a part of life, I don’t think this character in me will ever leave.

I want to be the reason you smile and never the reason you’re disappointed. That means a lot of heartache for me because I can not make everyone happy…but that is me, it is part of my making … I accept it.


Do you get it? Do you see why I am sharing this with you? We have things that make us cringe every time we think of it!  I see friends reading fun books and I want so badly to join but I know I won’t finish them! I scold myself for not being better at this reading thing that everyone is doing…why though?

After a conversation with a friend or even my husband I replay it in my head and wince at the thought of how fast my mouth was moving and the words were flying. Did they really notice? Did I really look that dumb? Probably not!

Embrace what makes you, you. Don’t scold yourself for not being like her or for not looking like them. They aren’t you and what makes you, you is what we all love. Seriously, It is why we need you around.

Why do you think people love me on the wedding dance floor and who do you think keeps those pump up bra companies in business (oh my goodness, please don’t repeat that one…it’s our little secret!)


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