7 Things I Want You To Know About Your Daddy…(That He May Never Tell You)

daddy mowing

Daddy is crazy silly, isn’t he?  You love that about him! He has the best tickles. He sings the funniest songs. He makes you laugh until you cry and you absolutely love that about him. Sometimes daddy will break all the rules and give you dessert before dinner. Other times he will surprise us all with a spontaneous outing that always ends in plenty of belly laughs. He is the animated parent that will sit and watch all sorts of cartoons with you not missing a second of the comedy. Whose daddy can squirt mashed potatoes out of his mouth while cranking a pretend lever on the side of his cheek? YOUR DADDY!! When he gets home you all run (or crawl) to the door, waiting for your turn for hugs and kisses.

I have a little something I want to tell you though. There are a few things about your daddy that mommy knows. Things that daddy may never tell you. Listen closely because these things are what make him so special and at the heart of it  all, these “things” are what mommy loves most about daddy.


1)  He is really intelligent.  Your daddy can remember practically everything and if asked he can answer almost any question you have. I know this as fact. It doesn’t always get noticed or announced because, well daddy just doesn’t brag about himself like that, but he has a very sharp mind. Take advantage of this. As you grow and your responsibility in school and learning grow with you, utilize this gift he possesses. He loves to help people understand the Bible, history, science, math, games…the list goes on and on.  I KNOW he wants to help you far more than anyone else on this earth.

2)  He HATES making you cry.   I am confident as you live life in our home that at times you will think daddy is the biggest “meanie” in the world! You will possibly even think you “hate” him (I pray you never do, though) because he didn’t let you spend the night with your friend, stay up late watching that scary movie or go on a date with the cute boy (or girl, sorry Sawyer!). You will probably cry and scream and he will have to discipline  you more strictly because you are carrying on and on and on! (I know this because we have had nights of it already!) In your mind daddy will go to the living room, sit on the couch with a bowl of ice cream, turn on his favorite show and laugh his evil laugh <bhaaahhhahahaha> because he finally ruined your life…the ultimate goal!!  Not so. Remember, mommy sees daddy and if you hear the tv go on, it is only because he is trying to get his mind off of the look of your face with your crocodile tears. His heart breaks when you are sad, mad, angry or afraid. He tries to give you every chance he can without having to get to that point but daddy also loves God and has a responsibility to train you the way that He asks him to. That sometimes includes making you cry; daddy hates that!


3)  He gets scared too.    You know that feeling when the lights are out and you have that bad dream or you hear the big clash of thunder rumble in your room?  Who do you run to? Daddy ,of course. He is never scared! He is so brave. While he is very brave and I am so thankful you see this in him, you must know, he gets very scared sometimes. There are many fears that cloud daddy’s mind. He is afraid something could happen to one of us and shatter his world in seconds, he is afraid he could somehow lose his ability to support us financially. His fears of protecting all of us are very great. He will do everything he can not to let you see this though, that is what daddies do!


4) He has bad days too.    Just like you and mommy, Daddy has his bad days.  He has days where he might wake up grumpy or he may not feel like laughing and playing. He may even be really quiet. He is allowed to have days like that. You know what though? His bad day goes away and He will be tickling you again tomorrow!


5) He doesn’t feel strong enough.    This Might just be the hardest one to believe.  Daddy will always look and act very strong in your eyes. How can a superhero ever think he doesn’t have the super- power? Well, there are many times where he doesn’t think he is qualified for this role of “DAD”.  Life is hard and being the man who answers to God for us brings many responsibilities and burdens.  The superhero you see carries much weight on his shoulders that you do not see. Just like bat man who saves the day or the prince who protects the princess, daddy has mighty powers and strength but in the times he is alone, he calls out for help from  His heavenly Daddy (which in the end is where his mighty strength comes from!).


6) He hates failing.     No matter what the task before him is, he hates to fail.  He hates to lose. While this is very true with games for daddy, it is also true in life. Failure is very hard for him to handle and accept. He wants to make you proud. Daddy wants everyone to be happy and satisfied. He can’t do that every time and some days daddy won’t succeed. It will be rare but it will happen. When these moments come around, love him harder. Love him deeper.


7) He has dreams.   Just like you, daddy has dreams. No, his dream is not to be a restaurant manager driving a small red SUV in the little town where we’ve been called to. Daddy loves being in this place in life with us and he is so committed to making it the best it can be, but just ask him, he has a lot more he longs for. When mommy met daddy, he was full of ambition (mommy found it very attractive  <stop saying EWE!!> ) He wants to make a difference, speak to many people, preach, shout out his heart to the world.  Your daddy is one of the most gifted speakers I have ever heard. He can bring scripture to life just using a microphone and words! I know, that I know, that I know you will see your daddy do this one day soon. He will live these dreams and we will all watch him with smiles and laughter because that silly man up there is ours! He is all yours! He is your daddy!

So, that’s daddy! You’re pretty special to have been given him to spend every day with and to learn all about life from. He thinks he is the lucky one but we know better! We know we’re the luckiest!!

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