A New Kind of Date

A New Kind of Date

My husband and I do not go on enough dates! I am just going to start with that. Three kids, a new town with no family and Derrick’s fluctuating work schedule; we are lucky to get in a date a month. We want to work on that and we talk about how we don’t like it ,often.

The Book

About a month ago I was contacted about this book called 52 Uncommon Dates published through Moody Publishers.  This isn’t the first book I’ve seen with ideas for date night. There are many books out there with inspiration not to mention the many rescources all over Pinterest. This book really interested me though due to  Gary Chapman, Author of the many Five Love Languages books, writing the introduction! 

While looking through the pages I was excited about each possible date! In 10 years of marriage there are so many ideas I hadn’t even thought of in here. A Cemetary date?  Read on through it and you will actually see that it can be a special time together. That is what I love avout these dates that Author Randy Southern suggest, they are meaningful and will leave you and your spouse feeling closer in the end. Whether you choose the House Tour Date or the Firehouse Pancake Breakfast Date, you are going to have a great time with the information provided in this little treasure.

How it Works

I love the size of this book. It is perfect for sticking in your purse or bag for your adventure together. Each chapter is dedicated to a date idea and includes scripture with an inspirational quote. Mr. Southern has provided very detailed descriptions of how the date will go by including sections for Set the Scene, Make it Happen and Finish Strong.

Another Fun addition is the Mind your language section where the author lays out several ideas for speaking your partner’s love language in that particular date. This is a great idea for those of us that are married to someone so opposite from us that  sometimes we have no idea how to talk their language!

Each date ends with a section called Take It to God where you are given ideas and prompts to communicate together spiritually. Included in these sections are ideas for prayer, questions to ask your spouse about their relationship with God and ways to look inward at your own spiritual walk. You can also dig deeper in scripture and prayer through the Dig Deep section. I think these last two sections are fabulous and so important for a meaningful time together.

Why and How

My husband and I look forward to engaging in all of the suggested date nights but I am most excited to try The Lego Date, where we will build a creation together (this one is totally going to speak Derrick’s language), The Culinary Date where we work together as a team making a fun new meal including shopping and cleanup, and The Car Date where we never leave the car the whole time!  These sound like fun, don’t they?  There are many more; 49 more to be exact!

The only thing I would love more about this book is if it came with a babysitter or gave me all home date ideas, but truth is, we need to get out more and invest our money into our marriage. Babysitters are not cheap and getting out takes effort but after looking through this book and reading of the fun we could be having, I’m inspired  to get out and alone!

To purchase this book you can check it out here. For the cost of $8.87 ( or less if you use your kindle) you can get a date idea for every week. You could even just choose to take each chapter in order and make it a fun game to see what is next! I hope you get a chance to read 52 Uncommon Dates  and make dating a priority again or just add a new spin on an already great time you are having.

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