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Welcome to my little piece of the world! I am thrilled that you took the time to stop by. My name is Cassandra and I’m a Kansas raised, Texas lovin’, Louisiana livin’ girl! My mom homeschooled me, my sister and my brother all of my schooling years but in 2001 my whole world came to a complete change!

I started Bible college in Dallas, Texas where I met a Texas Preacher’s son and fell madly in love with him and his blue eyes. This boy soon became my first date, first kiss and in June 2004, my husband!! 2004-06-26 Cassandra & Derrick 232

Four years later, after being told less than a month before, that I would most likely struggle with getting pregnant if I even could at all, we found out I was pregnant with our first daughter. Being a mom was at the top of my list and I enjoyed every second of being pregnant…well almost!pregnant

Our marriage went through some major battles through this time as my husband walked away from church ministry and  fought a deep depression that led to many poor choices. God used our little princess to bring much comfort to me during these hard months. Through much support from dear friends and family primarily in Austin, Texas, God healed my husband and our marriage.

my first moments of being a mom edited

He didn’t stop there though! Twenty-one months after our first daughter was born, we were blessed with a tiny firecracker who decided she wanted to join our family three weeks early. She has been surprising us every day since!

baby ember

Because we had two now and the cost of childcare was so high, we decided I would stay at home and we would make this work. At the time, I made the highest pay, but it was a dream of mine and now I am convinced, the will of God for our family. So we took a big step of faith! Life with my girls was perfect and everything I had dreamed it would be. We had tea parties. We dressed up several times a day. We made messes, we sang princess songs and ran carelessly through the sprinklers in the summer.  I loved being a stay at home mom and I loved my little family.

girls playing in texas

I knew we weren’t done though and my heart ached for another baby even before my second was a couple of months old. The desire was so strong but I felt ashamed for wanting more. When I talked to family or even some friends, they could not understand and even made hurtful comments. By the time our girls were 3 and 1 we were given the gift of another healthy pregnancy! I struggled with fear of telling people but was surprised by most everyone’s support in the end.

3 is company

This time we were having a boy and I had no idea what I was going to do with a stinky, dirty, rascally boy! Girls were where my comfort was.  Once again, God knew what I needed and in July 2013 he brought my little man into my arms. I have held him tightly ever since! He is beautiful in every way . I don’t know what I would have done without my BOY!

baby sawyer

That brings us to the present! Now my little babies are 5, 3 and 1. They are growing like weeds and I feel like I am holding sand in my hands. It is God’s plan, I know, but daily I am reminded of how quickly they will be on their own and my days of mashed macaroni on my feet or throw up in my hair at midnight will all be a distant memory. I want to make every moment count!

easter all three

That is where this blog started from. I am so passionate about being a mother, wife and child of God. I long to see other women encouraged in all of these rolls that we can so easily pass by with the struggles of the days.

mommy and her babies

At the beginning of 2014, I felt the tug of God on my heart to use my writing to do just that. I fought Him for quite some time only because I knew there was no way I could do something like this and if I did, would anyone even care? I followed God’s lead though. I researched and read about all I could. I prayed and asked others to pray with me. Then around 2 am one morning I woke up with the name Raising Up Stones on my heart.  That is when I KNEW without a doubt, God had a plan. I leaped out in faith, started this blog and have loved every word I’ve been given to write, friend I’ve met and woman I’ve heard from. Truly this blog has blessed me way more than it has those who have read it’s words. Maybe that is what God’s purpose was or maybe He has one special woman he wants me to speak love and life into, Only He knows his purpose. Join me, grow with me, while I Raise up these Stones; These are the longest days but the shortest years of our lives!!

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