Baby You’re My Firework

Baby You're my firework


“But I can’t have her today, my sister is supposed to have Norah!!”

This was my response to the contractions I had been having for the past hour on February 7th, 2011.  They started right at midnight and it was just past 1 am.  The contractions were consistent and around 5 minutes apart. No matter how much I protested, these were not stopping.

My husband loaded me up, along with our daughter Mackenzie, who was only 21 months at the time and we headed down the street to the hospital.

Sure enough, she was coming!

I prayed that she could just hold of one more day because my little sister was being induced at 7 am at a hospital less than 10 minutes away!  Once again, she would have to share something with me but unfortunately, I had no control over this one.

I remember each hour vividly.

I had an amazing nurse who was full of encouragement. My inlaws were already in town (because my sister was giving birth of course..and oh, did I mention, she married my husbands brother…that story may be in another post soon!) Honestly, the pain wasn’t too bad. It was nothing compared to the two hours I pushed with her big sister.

A little after noon it was time to push and after 3 pushes we had her!


What at little nugget she was.

She wasn’t due for 3 more weeks but, as is still true today, she was ready to go!

Ember-2 days old

Ember was a tiny 6 lbs 7 oz and very petite but nothing about her actions were!

When she would breastfeed, all you heard was growling! Seriously! She growled the whole time and that is why her daddy named her “animal”.  She was fierce and bold and ready for action.

From the very first day, Ember was wide eyed and alert.

After about a month we realized she never slept.  Where as most babies nap through the day, Ember only power snoozed.  She was completely delightful but wide awake, never missing a thing.

To this day, we struggle to get that girl to sleep!

We have had many struggles with our strong willed princess. She knows what she wants and fights you to the end. She has lots of anxiety mostly because she is too smart for her own good and if she doesn’t understand the why, good luck getting participation.

Ember Noel

Oh how I admire my sweet Ember Noel though, with all of her sas and that electric smile! Sometimes I dream about who she may be or what she will accomplish. I know it’s going to be big because every ounce of her is fully committed to anything she does.

She walked at 9 months, potty trained herself before her second birthday and has way more interest in reading and math than I ever expected at her age.

I  have to take a moment just to tell you about her eyes. I will seriously have to hide this girl as she gets older because these eyes are completely mesmerizing. The deepest blue; like an ocean with white capped waves. Truly the work of God.

ember dressed up

The day I found out about this precious girl, the day the test read positive, I was devastated.

I didn’t know how in the world we could afford another one. I was working full time and we were barely making it. I was worried I would be stealing time and love from my then 13 month old baby girl. I had no idea what we were going to do.

Thank God it was not up to me because I can not imagine a day without this gift.

She has taught me so much. She has taught me what complete forgiveness is like, what a heart with pure love can see and what you can accomplish with determination. She has taught me to stand my ground in discipline (I am still learning that one and she is still fighting!) and I’ve learned that I am not in control of my life but God is.

Smell the flowers

Today is my little FIRECRACKER’S  4th birthday!

Today we celebrate her persistence, her determination, her strong will.

We admire her beautiful eyes and porclain complexion with those soft curls that have a mind of their own.

I praise God for her love language of touch and her zest for life.

And I pray she always feels love, finds courage and bravery and continues to be kind and giving.

Everything about her is Full of sparkle and brightness.

Mommy's Firecracker

I love you Ember Noel, You’re momma’s FIRECRAKER!

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