15 Things I want My Daughters to Know About Being a Mom


You are so young and darling right now. It is hard to imagine that one day you too will be a mother as I am. The day will come though, Lord willing ,and in my arms I will hold the beautiful grandchild you have blessed me with.

On that day, you will become […]

My Dear Kindergartner and Preschooler… 4 Things I Pray You Learn This Year

My dear growing girls,

Today was your first day of school. Mackenzie, you started Kindergarten and Ember, you started Preschool! We have counted down the weeks and the days for awhile now. We have talked about what we would do, what we would wear and what the room would look like. It is finally here! […]

Room For Two


In February 2012, I had a little place where I blogged about my children. It was nothing fancy and it was mainly for family and friends and an avenue to pour out my heart about being a mom. The night before my second daughter, the firecracker, turned one, I poured my feeling out on […]

And Then He Was One



“I am not quite sure I would be a good boy mom” I used to find myself telling others. I had my two girls and being a “girl” mom was exactly how I always pictured it. I tend to be a little dramatic, I am not by any means outdoorsy, sports pretty […]

Can I Nurse Him Forever?


That time is coming nearer and nearer. I find myself sitting in that rocking chair as long as possible just hoping to take in as much of these moments as my heart will allow. My sweet sawyer is 11 months old now and I always said I would wean my babies at 1 […]

7 Things I Want You To Know About Your Daddy…(That He May Never Tell You)

Daddy is crazy silly, isn’t he? You love that about him! He has the best tickles. He sings the funniest songs. He makes you laugh until you cry and you absolutely love that about him. Sometimes daddy will break all the rules and give you dessert before dinner. Other times he will surprise us […]

Stop Acting Like a Baby!!


I’ve said it 100 times, “stop acting like a baby!” Have you said it before? Those moments when your child just gets on that last nerve and you can’t understand why they can’t pull it together and be the grown up that you’re trying to teach them to be? It’s funny, I find […]

The Fabulous Life of the Stay at Home Mom


Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Many mother’s will be celebrated and in a lot of different ways. No matter how you are celebrated, we can all agree, we are needed! Sometimes we would like to be needed less but I don’t know anyone else that could love this Fabulous life we […]

Dear 5 year old Mackenzie…

Mackenzie Grae, we knew that would be your name as soon as they told us you were going to be a girl. It is the name fit for a princess and quite perfect for the royalty that you are!

Sweet girl, you came out with your own style and class and to this day […]