Are You Even Listening, God?


Have you asked this question? Have you been in that place of desperation where you are crying out to God for guidance, a sign, a change or simply an answer?

My guess is you have.

This summer has been just that for my husband and I. We have had some life changing circumstances […]

Refreshed in Spirit

Some nights, probably more than I would care to admit, I am exhausted & discouraged. I may not have gotten anything done that I wanted to and yet I feel the pressure to run myself ragged in order to accomplish more. My spirit is depleted, not refreshed.

“O Lord, in the morning you hear […]

Speaking Grace

Many times we – moms who stay home with the kids all day, doing the same routine and events every day – think we have no impact or significance in anyone else’s life. We wonder how we can impart grace into others’ lives while we balance the duties of child-rearing, home, and ministry efforts.


Prayers of Honesty

I had just left my sister-in-law’s house and was driving home thinking about the encouraging and godly conversation we had during Girls’ Night. As my thoughts drifted, I began thinking of another family situation which has been a difficult one.

I decided long ago that when a person or a situation comes into my mind […]

Tell The Storm How Big Your God Is

Fear can be debilitating. It can be downright paralyzing and I think that’s a good reason why our enemy uses it so often to deter us from following, or even seeking, after God at times.

Two stories in the Bible deal with fear, yet the two are drastically different in the building of character […]

What I Learned After Meeting Lysa TerKeurst

Standing in line behind many women, I rehearsed in my mind what I would say.

“I love everything you stand for and the way you communicate through your words is such an inspiration to me. My goal and dream is to one day be doing what you do and to speak […]

The Heart of a Child



Have you had that moment while reading the Bible where you clearly felt God was speaking to you or sitting there pointing out exactly what He wanted you to see?

I had that moment tonight.

The “aha!” moment.

The moment where I literally laid in worship before my Father.

While reading […]

Principles For Conviction

Did you know that our consciences can bring judgement? Our convictions can lead others astray, and can damage our unity in the Body.

So, what is our conscience, anyway?

The dictionary defines conscience as this: [kon-shuh ns] – (noun) 1. the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives, […]

Valentine’s Survival for the Hopeless Romantic


Ever since I can remember I have loved the thought of hearts and kisses and walks on the beach. I adore dressing fancy, getting flowers and all that comes with being “wooed”.

Hello, my name is Cassandra and I am a hopeless romantic!

While every other kid enjoyed making the valentines, I was […]

To the Woman Who Feels Judged For What She is Reading



Friend, when hearing you don’t see any problem with books such as 50 Shades of Grey, I don’t judge you. I really don’t. That may be hard to believe in a world of woman who are so quick to throw shame on anyone who doesn’t believe or live the way they do.