What I Give Up to be Fun Mom

On any given day, I have a plan. We have school, I have a room of the house I try to detail clean, I try to connect on social media personally and with my blog friends and then there is the constant clean up all moms know far too well! That is just the […]

What I’m Giving My Family This Christmas

Christmas felt like it came and went last year. My oldest was 4 the middle was 2 and my new baby boy was only 5 months old. We moved 2 weeks before to Louisiana from Austin, Texas. With the move it was just too much to try to put up a tree or decorate […]

Mini Ocean in a Bottle from Christianity Cove


I can not begin tell you how excited I am to have my first guest blogger write for me and even more honored to have someone so popular and well known in activities for children! Today Mary Kate from Christianity Cove has so kindly offered to share a fun experiment with us that is […]

Dress Up Station fit for a Princess


I have two pretty little princesses. They love to get dirty. One loves bugs and anything creepy crawly and the other loves to climb and jump on everything, but their hearts are full of hot pink, tiarras and all things that sparkle. I love this about them because mommy is a bit of […]

Mom friendly kiddie lunch


From Jr. high all the way through college I babysat A LOT! I loved it. I was pretty good at it too…not to mention I was homeschooled and the homeschool girl is the coveted babysitter! Their home…ALL DAY so if you find yourself a faithful little homeschooler, you’re a free woman! There are […]