Is the Romance Over?


Sitting on the couch, watching a movie trailer, my mind began to drift. The movie was just the kind I love; sappy romance, young love and passionate affection. Thinking back to when I first met Derrick, I remembered the feelings. One of my friends once described my friendship with derrick, before we were […]

Help! I Married a Gamer


I still can not believe I am writing about this without throwing something in anger! There is nothing quite as irritating as having a spouse that is obsessed with gaming.

There is the headset that tunes out every word you try to say. Your TV is tied up for hours. You can pretty […]

Valentine’s Survival for the Hopeless Romantic


Ever since I can remember I have loved the thought of hearts and kisses and walks on the beach. I adore dressing fancy, getting flowers and all that comes with being “wooed”.

Hello, my name is Cassandra and I am a hopeless romantic!

While every other kid enjoyed making the valentines, I was […]

My Prayer For Your Marriage

My Father,

Hearts are breaking. Women are hurting. I am overcome with the many that have asked for prayer from me and I know there are millions more out there. Marriage is a union that is most beautiful to you. It is an example to the world of your […]

Would You Stay With “Every Reason To Leave”?


When I received the request to review this book called “Every Reason To Leave” I looked forward to helping other marriages with an honest assessment of the book but I never imagined I would learn so much for myself! *{Don’t miss the book giveaway at the end of this post!}*

As I’ve stated […]

…His Arms Held Us Together


“When the Lord Saw that Leah was not loved, he opened her womb…” ~ Genesis 29:31

The Lord saw Leah. He looked on her and knew her pain. He SAW her. Her marriage was far from perfect or even desirable. To an extent she was alone. Leah felt unloved, confused and cheated, I can […]

When Everything Falls Apart



You meet the man of your dreams. He is everything you ever hoped for and then some. The wedding march started playing, you were stunning, he looked sharp and there before friends and family you proclaimed your love, your devotion and your commitment to one another for forever. It wasn’t hard. You […]

A New Kind of Date

My husband and I do not go on enough dates! I am just going to start with that. Three kids, a new town with no family and Derrick’s fluctuating work schedule; we are lucky to get in a date a month. We want to work on that and we talk about how we don’t […]

Marriage, Blindfolds and Old Friends

Old Friends

Growing up, I had the privilege of being raised in a church that taught me well! I am eternally grateful for the lessons learned, Bible scriptures memorized and the life long friends I was given. One of those friends was our pastor’s son, Jonathan Hoover. I’ve known Jonathan since I was four […]

Intimacy: Naked and Unashamed


Bone and Flesh

One of the most beautiful gifts God has given us in our marriages is intimacy. You see it from the very beginning of time between Adam and Eve. God looked on man, stating “it was good” after each of His creations, and knew he was missing something. In Genesis 2:20 […]