My Prayer For Your Marriage

My Father,

Hearts are breaking. Women are hurting. I am overcome with the many that have asked for prayer from me and I know there are millions more out there. Marriage is a union that is most beautiful to you. It is an example to the world of your […]

The Big Lie I Believed as a Wife


I have always thought that I was a pretty good wife. Of course, I have my faults and I know there is always room to grow but considering the struggle our marriage has been through, I was doing a great job.

If I were to be completely honest with you..I mean COMPLETELY HONEST…I […]

A New Kind of Date

My husband and I do not go on enough dates! I am just going to start with that. Three kids, a new town with no family and Derrick’s fluctuating work schedule; we are lucky to get in a date a month. We want to work on that and we talk about how we don’t […]

Intimacy: Naked and Unashamed


Bone and Flesh

One of the most beautiful gifts God has given us in our marriages is intimacy. You see it from the very beginning of time between Adam and Eve. God looked on man, stating “it was good” after each of His creations, and knew he was missing something. In Genesis 2:20 […]

He Got What He Deserved!

My husband’s Nana and Papa were coming into town this morning along with my father-in-law. I wanted the house to look nice so I got up early to feed Sawyer, laid him back down and fought the urge to lay back down myself. It was a quiet house and really a great time to […]

Dear Head -Over- Heels, 18 Year Old Me…



Dear head over heals 18 year old me,

Your world is anything but normal right now. Being homeschooled for 12 years and now in college with people to talk to every day! This is a whole new adventure for you. You’ve made friends, you are singing in the praise team, you’re making […]

5 reasons why my husband annoys me

Yup, you read that right. My husband can annoy me. No one can annoy me more than that man…NO ONE! He will do things that will keep me up all night stewing over how aggravated I am. He says things that make me want to throw large, pointless objects at him. My husband has […]