Dear 5 year old Mackenzie…

Mackenzie Grae, we knew that would be your name as soon as they told us you were going to be a girl.  It is the name fit for a princess and quite perfect for the royalty that you are!

first picture of mackezie

Sweet girl, you came out with your own style and class and to this day are wowing us with your creative flares. When you were born, it was all about you. Tiny toes, tiny fingers, big fluffy cheeks, dark almost black hair and beautiful long eyelashes; you had it all!


I remember many times just sitting and staring at you for long periods of time. I could do that back then! It was just me and you. After work, daddy and I could not wait to pick you up and play with you all night until your bedtime and when I put you to bed I could not wait for you to wake up again.  You loved your sleep though and we would watch you sleep with your tiny thumb in your mouth.

sucking thumb

I remember thinking to myself, how could I ever love anything or anyone more than this little treasure? On Saturdays, you and I would sometimes go to the mall and just walk around.  You loved shopping from a very young age.  It was so much fun to show you off and spend that time alone with you. You made us laugh at every little thing you did. and being the first baby girl on both sides, you were a little spoiled!

mac and me

Life changed a little bit, God brought you some friends. First came your best friend, Ember. At first you did not quite know what to do with her and at times I think she bored you a bit. You were always very gentile though and didn’t seem to mind sharing mommy and daddy or your life.  As you both grew, your love for each other grew and I am almost sure many, many years from now, your little sister will be who you will run to when you need to talk, laugh or need a shopping break. She will be your best friend through life and I couldn’t be more grateful to God for this!

mac and embermac and ember 2

Last summer, another little friend came along. Your baby brother Sawyer was born. Right now he is still rolling over your feet with his walker, pulling your hair (his very favorite because you have such long beautiful hair) and tearing up your coloring pages. Each time I am so proud of how you handle him though. You calmly react to his annoying ways and most of the time you will continue to let him do what he wants. I know there will be a special place for this little monster in your life too!mac and sawyer

In five years, life has made many changes including new homes, new friends, new schools and new churches along with the addition of sister and brother. You have taken each one with excitement and wonder. I love this about you. One day your daddy and I were talking about the different attributes you had and most of all we agreed you have the spirit of contentment. This is a fantastic characteristic to have, Mackenzie. Life will always be full of joy and fulfillment if you continue to be thankful for everything you have. When you are given anything, even the tiniest trinket, you truly are thankful and so happy! When mommy takes time for you, even to just sit down and watch 5 minutes of your favorite princess movie, you act like I have given you the greatest gift you’ve ever received. This makes life for everyone around you a little merrier and it makes you full of beauty.

.first day of prek

Princess, Life is going to change constantly around you. It is just how it goes. Hard lessons are going to have to be learned. Heartbreaks are going to come. People will be mean to you, Mommy and daddy will disappoint you. Friends will come and go and you will feel pain at times that will make your gorgeous smile fade. As much as I want to guard you from all of this, I can’t. It is part of growing up. It is part of becoming a young lady and it will make you a strong and confident woman…or, it can make you bitter. The key is contentment. In Philippians Paul writes, “Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have…For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.”  Honey, this is truth! The only one who can keep that joy in your sweet innocent heart is Christ and your relationship with him and you CAN do ANYHTING!

mac and snake

My prayer for you is that as you grow and understand the ugliness in this world that you strongly embrace and  seek out a personal relationship with your Prince, Jesus Christ.  There is not a day that goes by that He will not be there waiting for his Princess Mackenzie, to talk to you, to comfort you and to listen to you. I want you to not just know what  mommy says about who He is but find out for yourself who He is in your life and experience real royalty in His presence.

mac attack

You have taught me many lessons in life already. You have taught me selflessness, Patience, Unconditional love and most of all you have taught me what it means to be mom. It all started with you, this responsibility I have been given, this gift that has been handed to me in the shape of a delicate young girl with long brown hair, big brown eyes and a heart of imagination and wonder. You were my first baby and will always have a special place in my very full heart of love. Always know you are my sunshine!

mac in the rain


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