Do you Desire to Study God’s Word With Friends?


Have you seen that announcement in church or on a flyer about a group of ladies getting together to study God’s word? Did you get excited about it and start to sign up only to put your pen down because you knew you couldn’t do it? You could never make it at that time. You only have one car and there is no way you could make it each week with your schedule. There was a large fee to attend and you just couldn’t afford it. There was no child care and finding a babysitter every week would be impossible. Maybe you are just a bit shy and the thought of sitting in a group of women and opening your heart scares you.  Well, I have been there.

I believe that a group of ladies studying the Word of God and sharing their hearts is such a vital part of our lives as Godly mothers and wives. We need a community of support and love. We need the encouragement of knowing we are not in this alone. The BEST way to do this is face to face, a personal relationship where you can embrace each other BUT, that is not always possible. I have longed to join many groups and my heart wants nothing more than to be there but my circumstances don’t always allow. I am in a family with one car at the time, I have three kids 5 and under and sometimes the time of day the study is held is just no good for our schedule.  (I am, however, NOT shy so that is not holding me back at all!! haha)

Shortly after starting Raising Up Stones, my heart was burdened to create a place where ladies like me could get together and grow online. Where friendships could be built and hearts could grow closer to the One who created us to prosper in the roles we have been given.  At the time, I was reading one of the most life changing books I’ve ever ready, Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions. I assumed this book was going to help me with learning to control my frustration and yelling as a mom so I was really looking forward to reading it. Infact, I asked for it for Christmas and if you know me, I hate reading, so this was a huge deal! I had no idea what I was in for with this book. I wasn’t even prepared for the way God would use Lysa’s words to change my life.

Lysa talks about imperfect progress; meaning sometimes we are going to take a leap forward and that same day we may take two steps back in our progress of becoming the woman we long to be. But, that is progress, it is imperfect progress.  She also talks about making space for grace in our own lives and in the lives of others around us, each day.  My eyes were opened to the amount of grace I needed and to the amount of grace I was forgetting to show to my children and my husband. There are so many more treasures in this book and I know that you will be blessed by reading it with us.

Please consider joining this group of women as we embrace the grace God pours over us each day as we battle our emotions inwardly and outwardly.  I will post the chapters to be read and some encouragement from previous chapters including comments women in the group have offered each week here on my blog. On Monday Nights we will get together at 9:00 pm Central time to discuss together, laugh and pray for one another. This is the part I look forward to the most!! If you can not make it at that time, don’t worry. All of the discussion from that evening will be left on the group site and you are welcome to comment as your schedule allows! Monday evening is just the time we will be live! I am sure many of us will be checking in all throughout the week and I will be on from time to time each day to answer questions and offer support. Let’s get the party started!!


Here are some details you will need to know:


Grab a copy of Unglued. You can find them for a reasonable price HERE

-Be sure to join the group here {Raising Up Stones Online Bible Study}

– Invite ALL the women you know to be a part of this online study by sharing this article with them or invite through Facebook!

As a kick off of this event, I am going to be giving away a free copy of our study book UNGLUED! Details are below. The winner will be announced Saturday, June 28th just in time to receive it for our first night together!
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