Don’t Pray for Patience

Don't Pray For Patience

“Don’t pray for patience!” I know you’ve heard it before. I was warned at a young age and  followed the rule closely but at some point you have to ask yourself, why? Why can’t I pray for patience. What is the big secret?

Truth is, when you ask God to grow your patience, He will do it. How? By bringing situations in your life where you can practice it. So, there is no evil curse on the prayer for patience, only an answer from God that brings about discomfort for a time yet joy in the faithfulness.

I have the privilege of sharing more on this and how God gave me “practice” today at What Joy is Mine. Stop by to read more and don’t forget to take a look at Naomi’s blog while you a re there! You will be encouraged.

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  • Meg L.

    I feel the same when it comes to waiting on test results for health issues. I had something happen a few weeks ago and everyone was asking if I was praying for the results to be what I want. I obviously wanted them to be good, but I was praying more for the strength to deal with what the results were going to be. Whatever our Father in Heaven put in my journey of life, it was what his will wanted. I was fully prepared to lean on him in my time of need and while the results were mixed, I am for now okay. However, I am praying for his guidance to help us decide what to do next.

    I didn’t pray for the results to change, I prayed for strength to handle the results, to help my family get through it. I prayed for guidance to take the next step after the news was given.

    I would not wish the situation on anyone, but since I really found my way back to him, I felt so strong to handle anything I needed. He reassured me in my time of fear and doubt. I had friends he gave me to pick me up when I fell because the fear became to much. I had their prayers of strength and love.

    I will say, I did pray for patience, waiting a week for results was so hard. I guess it worked, my daughter decided to wreck the house in many different ways. You can’t think about “what ifs” if you are cleaning crayon off the wall 🙂 The small challenges he gave me were certainly welcomed.

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