Dress Up Station fit for a Princess

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I have two pretty little princesses.  They love to get dirty. One loves bugs and anything creepy crawly and the other loves to climb and jump on everything, but their hearts are full of hot pink, tiarras and all things that sparkle. I love this about them because mommy is a bit of a princess at heart also. When it came to being a mom, I prayed that I would have a girl. Being a mom to a girl was a dream I always had so when the ultrasound showed “GIRL” I started crying! Then, wouldn’t you know, my prayers were answered twice and along came girly number two!  I think one of the first things these two enjoyed together was make believe and dressing up!mac n ember doing hair

Before long we had a big bucket full of fancy dresses, petite heels and fancy hats, purses and jewelry.  At the end of the day, the house looked like a Halloween princess massacre! Dresses, shoes and jewels everywhere!

Looking on Pinterest I found many ideas for a dress up station. What a great idea. Honestly, I was a little jealous because I never got to have one of these when I was a tiny princess! So, I mentioned it to my husband and he was excited about making one! We found an old HUGE entertainment center. My friends mom actually gave it to us for free! SCORE!  We picked out the perfect paint for tiny royalty and daddy began the painting at nap time. It took a few days so we had to bring it in and out of the garage in hopes that our little soon to be 3 year old would not see it before her big day.  We decided it would be a perfect gift for her birthday that year!

The day of her birthday, we couldn’t wait to see her face.  We had it all set up when she got out of bed and she did not disappoint with her reaction. Check it out here: Mac’s reaction to her dress up station  It is not the best quality but you can still see her adorable little face…UUUGGHH it goes by too fast!

So, here is the end result. We were very pleased.

dress up station

There were many different cabinets and spaces to hide all kinds of treasures.  I added labels to some fabric storage bins ( that we had leftover from her nursery). There we put tutus and hats. If you opened the cabinet below you would find many  children’s books ,but our very favorites I put on the top shelf along with some collectables.

dress up station 2

On one side of the station we put hooks for necklaces and a message board because you know every princess has notes to keep track of! we also added a bow organizer that worked in holding her wings too.

other side of dress up station

The opposite side included a mirror and more hooks. You can never have enough hooks to display your sashes and boas!

mirror on dressup station

This project was so inexpensive not to mention a blast to make. I don’t know who was more proud, my husband and I or the girls! It has now been two years since we presented this to Miss Mac Attack and to this day, both of our princesses use it constantly. We have since moved to a new home and we really did not have the space in their new room for it but I knew it was such a big part of their days that they needed it in there.

Not only has this been a big hit in our home with our girls and all of their fancy friends, it has also been popular on Pinterest. At the time I did not have a blog, I just posted it on my pinterest board under projects and it has been pinned over and over! I decided I should probably give more details for those interested in making it for themselves.  If you have any questions, let me know! I think every little girl needs one of these because every little princess needs lots of memories like the ones we’ve created here!

mac dressing upember dressed upmac dressing up 2enber cooking

ember and mac dressed up

…And, when you are the little brother of two girls, you may just get to be Cinderella! Poor Sawyer!


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