Finding Joy in Every Season

Finding Joy in Every Season

Life is full of many changes. As a child, I remember feeling like I would never “grow up”. I would never be in the youth group. It would be forever before I could drive and school was never going to end.

In college, that boy was never going to ask me out and once we were finally together, it seemed like forever before we would be engaged.  The six months before the wedding felt like a year and then all of the sudden life started changing.

Now each day felt like a lifetime, working all day and waiting to be together, but the nights together went so fast.  The weekend; even faster. Before I knew it, I had baby fever and after trying a year and a half, I thought I may never get to be a mother. (well, God just has to chuckle at that one I am sure!)

In 2009, just 5 years after we were married, I did become that mother I was dreaming of and that is the moment time sped up! No season has stayed the same since and every month holds a new kind of normal.

There was the full time working mom stage. Next, the “I can’t believe we are already pregnant with the next one…surprise!” stage. Then the dream come true stage where God allowed me to be a stay at home mom. Soon I was in the “daycare mom” stage where I had a house full of kids at any given moment. Soon, I was pregnant with my third and yet again another stage hit…survival mode!

Being a mom of three brought less babysitting and many days of trying to get some kind of order into our new lives. But, soon I conquered that stage and became comfortable.  We soon moved to a town where I knew no one and from there began the “will you be my friend, please” stage! That’s where you are begging God to bring someone along to walk this road with you.

My prayers were answered and I found some of the best friends of my life in that time. Next, I began the homeschool mom stage (which I am still very much learning how to be in), but most recently I have been in one of the best stages of my life. I guess you could call it the inspired/spiritual growth stage.

In this time of my life I have heard a calling from God that has left me excited and literally spiritually hungry for His word. I found a passion in writing and found a voice.  The joy that I found in stepping out and following God by sharing my words has been inexplicable. I have met inspiring women of God, learned so much about myself and God’s love for me and I have become stronger through it!

This has been a good season!

However, in keeping with the rest of life, things change and God had yet another stage for me to enter.

Mother of four!


Coming in 2015



Yes, in early March, we found out I was pregnant with our fourth little blessing. My heart was and is completely overcome with gratefulness for the gift that we have been given.  Along with this stage though has come yet again, morning sickness, fatigue and feeling like a failure in so many ways.

I’ve been more sick with this pregnancy than the last and as you can imagine, being pregnant and sick with three little people around you can bring about a stressful and less than desirable day.  I went from waking up excited about my day to hoping I could just skip it all together.

My desire and even sometimes ability to read the scriptures, I once found so comforting, has been weak. I also have had little to no desire to write. Oh, I have had so many ideas come along and I have even opened the computer only to close it back and lay my head down in defeat.

This has been a difficult place in life and while many days I have given in to the feeling of hopelessness, I fight to remember this is yet another season.  Another amazing season in my life that is leading me into the next.

Especially as moms, the seasons are changing rapidly and we really have to learn to stop and see the beauty in each one, because before we know it, it is over and we can never get it back.

I know this because I think back to those years of working away from my precious first child. I felt like every day would be the end of me. I cried all the way to work almost every morning, crying out to God for some answer to this.  Yes, it was hard! I am so happy He answered my prayers but there was a beauty in that season I was in.

The beauty?  It was just me, my husband and our sweet little child I had prayed for so strongly. Just us! How calm and peaceful and amazing those 21 months were. I look back at some amazing evenings, weekends and days off!  Picking her up was the highlight of my day. It was a season full of pain yet overflowing with blessings and love.

I can’t get that back. Those days of one child are over. I praise God for where He has brought our family but If I am not careful, I will miss the beauty in the season I am in.

So, right now, some of my plans may have to be put on hold.  That Influence conference I was dreaming of and saving for may have to wait for a year or two. School this fall may have to start a month or so early in order for us to get a good start before the baby comes in November and that big vacation we were hoping for this year may have to be scaled way back.  But, this fall, when we go to cut down our Christmas tree, God is adding another little friend to our favorite tradition. I get to enjoy the priceless scent of a babies bald head once again and my arms are so eager to be full of all the love my home will hold.

Yes, this is a hard season. Kind of like winter. Winter can be tough, all the bundling and waiting for the car to warm up. Risking the bad streets of ice and cloudy days, but without winter we wouldn’t experience snowball fights and hot cocoa on a cold night. There wouldn’t be the comfort of soup on a frozen evening or pictures on a snow day! Every season brings joy and the stages and seasons in life are no different.

Enjoy this season you are in. Find the joy in the stage you may be facing.

Solomon understood this well and I’ll end this with the encouragement and wisdom he gives in Ecclesiastes 3.  He starts by saying “For everything there is a season and a time for every activity under Heaven”. He goes into some of those times but I love what he leaves us with here: (verse 11- 13)

Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.  So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can.  And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.



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