Good Morning Challenge


Good Morning Challenge


Early to rise

…just hasn’t worked for me through the years of being a stay at home mom. I go to bed much later than I used to and I love to sleep until that very last second, when I hear either the boisterous cries of my son or the pitter patter of Ember’s tiny pudgy feet! (I never have to worry about Mackenzie waking me up because I am convinced she would sleep the day away without the help of her wild siblings!)

At the beginning of this year I came to an understanding between God and I. I had always felt I would be more Godly if I got up EARLY to spend time with Him but one day during a conversation with him, once again telling Him how sorry I was that I did not get up before everyone else, He gave me peace about an afternoon quiet time.

That worked amazing with my schedule for many months. I would lay the kids down, grab my notebook, Bible and Prayer journal and head straight to the porch. Some of the most peaceful moments in my 25 years as a Christian were made during these afternoon appointments with God. Details of the Bible came to life before me as I sat in the breezy afternoon air.

Unfortunatly I have struggled with this for a little over a month now. I ‘m rushing through everything at nap time, hoping to get to that meeting place with my Father but it just doesn’t work. I have blamed it on my own selfishness, on the move to our new house and on the devil who we all know works against us in these times but God revealed something deeper to me today.

Time for change

Just as the afternoon meeting times worked best with my schedule during these previous months, my schedule has changed which means rearranging of my time with Him.

God has been challenging me to get up early each morning by waking me in different ways, (including inviting a little critter into my attick every morning at the same time…touché God!)  but I have reminded him how tired I am and roll over.

Today I was up early because my husband woke up at a crazy hour for his job and  I decided to open my Bible before my babies began their routine. It brought me to the realization of how much strength I could be working with through my day by beginning it with Him.

Good Morning Challenge: Ps. 143:8

My morning with Jesus was sweet and peaceful and I want more of it! So, I made this commitment:

For 7 days I will commit to rising early and spending that time ONLY with the Lord.

I won’t wake up and check or post on facebook. I won’t spend that time writing on my blog or preparing the school lessons for the day. I won’t even take that time to shower and get ready before the kids need me.  I will sit, read and open my heart to listen. Truly take the first minutes of my day and give them to the one who gave them to me.

After making this commitment to God, I told him I would need some support. I have made decisions to wake up early many times in my walk with Him only to fall back asleep the second day of the commitment. I don’t want to be there again.

His answer:

Take it one step at a time

(that’s why its only 7 days…when I get through those, I’ll wait for Him to guide me through the mornings to come)

and challenge others to join you!

The question

So, I am asking you, will you take this challenge with me? Will you commit to wake up before the others in your home , find a place where you can be alone and spend some time not only in the Word but talking and listening to your Father?

I don’t know what this will look like in your schedule or with your circumstances but for me it will mean getting up around 6:30 maybe even 6:15 (I’ll start with the later time though!) and getting as far away from my pillow as I can! For you this may mean waking up at 5 am or maybe you are blessed with good sleepers and can hold off until 8 am. Whatever time you choose, make sure it gives you enough time to really talk and listen.

If you will take this challenge and help support me as I support you (and the others who want to join us!) Please enter your email below and hit subscribe.

The challenge starts December 1st and goes through December 7th. There is no specific time of course. I will also be keeping in touch each morning on my Facebook page, after my quiet time is finished, to see how you are doing and let you know how it is going here in the Stone home.

I hope you will join me!

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