Is God Interrupting My Day?

Is God interrupting my day?

I love planners! You know, those books with a calendar in them where you get to write out, in your nicest handwriting, the events of the day. Some are oh so cute and some are purely just functional. I have had really big ones that I literally started carrying a different sized purse around so that I would be able to contain my daily to dos and important dates to remember! There was no way I was leaving home without the reminder that I had to make lunch, do the laundry and give the kids a bath when I got home! oh, the aspirations of a stay at home mom! Then there is that adorable cute planner that you buy as you tote the large purse on your shoulders with the thought “this is what I need! I could keep this in my back pocket! It is so sweet. My days will be a little brighter with this!” Nope, you barely got your morning to do list written on those tiny sheets and not to mention being able to read it when you’re done!
I have my eye on a really special planner. I’m pretty positive it will be going on my “Christmas list” this year. It is beautiful and I am sure that each day will begin with a choir singing “Hallelujah” as I rise each morning. It is just that perfect! Incase you are wondering, no, I do not keep up with my planners! Sometimes, I keep up with my daily to do’s and my events each week. I write my lists and notes and have it all in perfect order. Then, I just stop. I stop writing in it, checking it, eventually it is misplaced and then total chaos hits and I go looking for my best friend, my trusty planner who will help me get back in shape…until, I start the whole process over again. Someday I will be a pro at it but at this point I am just thankful it is pretty!

I do have a point to this craziness you are reading right now. I love days where everything goes as planned. I like to wake up, read a few verses, say a short prayer thanking God for safety and a new day. I ask Him to lead me through this day and give me strength. After that is breakfast, daily chores, playing with kids, nap time (ME TIME!)…you get the drill. The best part is looking at the end of the day at my planner…check, check, check! Mission completed, off to bed! When I can check everything off of my list, I am one satisfied mommy and wife! But let’s face it, it is so rare that everything is check off.
What is the cause of this? INTERUPTIONS! We all have them. They come in the form of little screaming girls who can’t seem to share twilight sparkle or queen Elsa, a 10 month old who refuses to nap, a dog who runs off to the park across the street or unplanned baths in the middle of the day because lunch was just that entertaining!
I started this week off with such a good start! I was having one of those months where I “misplaced” my beloved planner but I just happened to find it over the weekend <YAY!!> and I was determined to get back on track Monday morning…well actually Wednesday morning because my husband was off Monday and Tuesday and everyone knows you get nothing done when they’re home!
So, It is Wednesday morning. I woke up with enthusiasm! I woke up talking to the Lord. He knew my daily plans. He knew I was Motivated…I had my planner!

10:00 AM….I call my mom, it’s her birthday, I step outside to talk to her while the dog uses the bathroom, girls step outside with me (despite my warning not to ), Sawyer is inside playing and I hear it.
I gasp!
My mom panics!
” Sawyer just locked us out!” You may ask, how does a 10 month old lock you out? Well, now I know. We have a bar that gives the sliding glass door a little extra security. He leans on it just enough to lock into place…. and that is how it is done. Thankfully, my husband was able to get to us within 25 minutes and because of prayer that morning, I was able to remain calm but man, what a morning. I did not “plan” to spend part of my morning at a locked glass door playing pick a boo, saying “no, no” to a giggling little monster with a crayon in his mouth or putting on a dancing and singing show with my two girls in hopes we could keep brother at the door and entertained! But, that is infact what I did. I was interrupted. (and I sure wish someone would have taped it becuae I am pretty sure TLC would be calling me for a reality show very soon!)

Yup, there he is with the crayon in and on his mouth!

Yup, there he is with the crayon in and on his mouth!

I don’t know why God chose to let my day be interrupted with this fiasco but I do know it made my plans seem very pale in comparison to having my baby in my arms and safe from the many tiny toys that were laying all around his eager hands.
Perhaps though, the “interuptions” that God used most in my week were the ones of my 3 miniature neighbors. Without going into too much detail, they live a hard life. Their mother uses drugs heavily which keeps her very uninvolved and they roam the streets of the neighborhood, playing with whoever will let them in. My heart breaks for them but when my kids are down for naps…my compassion is very weak! They choose some of the worst times to come by and as kind as I try to be, inside I am rolling my eyes and crossing my arms. They come for all types of reasons, can we play, mommy wants to know if she can borrow _____, Can we have some candy. This week was different. Last night I heard,” can I eat with you”? This afternoon was, “we don’t have anything to drink at home, we’ve been playing outstide and we are really thirsty”. My first reaction was annoyance. It was really a bad time, they were really messing up my routine. Can’t their momma get her act together and feed these poor things? But, of course I would never turn away a thirsty kid so I let them in and they played for a bit before nap time. Well, tonight, I find out some hard news about their momma and I am pretty sure I won’t be seeing those three little ones for a long time…if not at all.
Was this really interuptions in my day? Are my floors still dirty at the end of the day thanks to little inconveniences like this? Is it really worth the fuss OR, is there something more? Was I being taught by the highest of servants? After all, didn’t I start my day asking Him to lead me?  Asking for His strength? Was I really naïve enough to think he wouldn’t answer that? Jesus said in Matthew 25:35, For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in”.  My week couldn’t have stepped more in line with this verse if I tried to but while it was happening I didn’t quite see it this way.

What seemed to be at first such a distraction from my plans for the day, ended in an awakening in my heart. If I would have let my plans and my list determine the love I showed these helpless little blessings I would have missed out on the opportunity to show them Jesus.  Verse 40 in Matthew 25 goes on to say “‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ 

photo (11)

I believe whole heartedly that God is in the little things of my day. He has given me the blessing of laundry, grocery store runs, dirty bathtubs to be cleaned (yuk) and breaking up fights between my little independent ladies. I also think He is blessed when I do my best to manage my time with these tasks and TRY to stay as organized as I can (hence, my planner!). What He desires most though is LOVE. He said, “the greatest of these is Love”.  If I truly love Him, I will be flexible enough to put aside my plans for the day to accept what He has for me. I can not receive His blessings if my hands are closed and clenched around my planner. No! I have to set the planner down and with hands wide open, be ready to take what He has to offer. Some days that may be an eye opener to how blessed I am to have a safe sweet little guy when the fear of what he could do to himself is overwhelming and you cant do anything about it through the glass door! Some days He offers the blessing of being Jesus to three of His most precious creation who need Him more than I could ever imagine. I am not asked to save the world or move mountains but just to be open and ready for His plans…for His “interruptions”.  Now, I might just start asking God to interrupt my day!

 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future  -Jeremiah 29:11

7 comments to Is God Interrupting My Day?

  • Great reminder and encouragement.
    Starla J recently posted…How to Prevent Dehydration in KidsMy Profile

  • I love this post. It is true that God finds amazing ways to set us on the right path and soften our heart. I love that He gives us the opportunity to live him through others. Glad your baby was ok. Praying for your neighbor’s kids. Thanks for sharing!
    Marisela recently posted…12 Low Key Mom’s Night Out IdeasMy Profile

  • Wow!! You were able to be calm through all the locked out situation. that is amazing. God is really helping you to be strong, even though the day plan didn’t go well.

    • I am almost never calm in those kind of situations but I felt a peace that everything was going to work out. That is not to say that I did not have to fight to stay connected to that peace. My mother, I had to tell her I had to go because she was causing me to think of all of the what if’s and when my girls would stray off and get wild in the yard I could feel my stress start to rise. I did at one point start banging on the window because he found my daughters My Little Pony hair bow (about 3 cm in length) and was putting it in his mouth. I was Screaming NOOOOO! Then my husband walked in and unlocked the door!

  • Oh wow! I would have been freaking out! God really came through for you and gave you strength and peace. I’ve had moments like those… when you behave completely out of character… they are totally “only can be God kind of moments”.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely week.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Make Money By Advertising On Your BlogMy Profile

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