Joy to the World


Joy to the World

” Call everyone and tell them she’s here now, I guess!”

I had played the day over and over in my mind many times through the last nine months. I imagined I would be calm and in control. After all, this was my fourth pregnancy so I knew what to do!

However, because I had given birth to three other children, I also knew what was about to happen and I had been very fearful over the few months leading up to the big day.

Some time in July, during praise and worship with our church ,I made the comment to Derrick that our little girl always went wild and seemed to be energized by the worship. Derrick looked right at me and said “we need to name her Joy”.  At first I thought it was a sweet idea but wasn’t too sure about the name Joy. I was more set on Amelia with millie for short, but as I prayed about it, I felt a peace and knew that was what her name was supposed to be.

Later we both agreed on Joy Elise, meaning Rejoicing/ God is all I need. How very true for this time in our lives!

As the weeks got closer to my due date, it became clearer that we would most likely have our little Joy sooner than expected. All of my babies had been early in the past and they were estimating her to weigh more than was normal for how far along I was.

last pregnancy picture

At my last Doctor visit on November 3rd, the doctor said she expected her here any day but they scheduled an induction on the 11th just incase. I prayed very hard that I did not have to be induced. That was no fun with my son, Sawyer!

Two days after that visit, on Thursday morning, I began to feel some strong cramping. I continued to vaccum and clean and go about my day as normal until it hit me; these cramps were really strong.

After talking with some  friends, I realized this could very well be the beginning of labor. I started having contractions after that but nothing consistant.

The next morning, again, the cramps continued and felt may be even a little stronger. This was nothing that I had felt before with the others though, so I assumed I was fine. I decided to get some rest that afternoon but when I woke up, the contractions were stronger. I most defininely needed to breathe through them but once again they were not consistant. Some would be 15 minutes apart and others 7 minutes apart.

Man they hurt though and never had I had contractions that hurt like that this early in the labor.

Derrick and I began to get a bit concerned but after being sent home with all 3 of my other babies (I was in labor each time but was not progessing fast enough) I did not want to be sent home with a fourth!  I had decided we would continue on with the plans we had made for the evening until I realized I could barely walk because the contractions hurt so bad. They didn’t come that often, but when they did I struggled to get through the pain.

Within 15 minutes they jumped from an average of 15 minutes apart to 4 minutes apart!  I got up and told my husband it was time and boy was I right!! Trying to get everything ready, I found the pain increased and the preasure was unbearable! Walking to the car I knew we had a short window of time before she would be here!

Derrick sped all the way in the rain to the hospital (a 30 minute drive normally) and we both prayed. What I was feeling right now was the same way I felt right before they told me to start pushing. We were both very scared our little girl would be born in the car.

Pulling in to the ER, we began to look for where we needed to go. This was a new hospital for us because our other children were all born in Texas. I took charge and just started walking.


A sweet lady began to try to help us but was not feeling the urgency. Finally I pulled what I found to be the magic words…THIS IS MY FOURTH!! That phrase got people moving!

Soon I was being wheeled upstairs and admitted into a room.

All I kept thinking is “why do they not see I am literally about to have this baby. There is no time for all of the work up to be done.” I tried to be kind. I let them do what they needed to do. Then a STRONG contraction came and I said ” I NEED TO PUSH!” The nurse stopped asking the questions and checking my BP and rushed to get someone to check me. <finally!>

As soon as the Dr. checked, her eyes grew big and she said, “If I break your water now, you will be holding this baby in 5 minutes.”

Talk about scared to death. I was not in control at all of my emotions, of my breathing and my mind was overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. Never had this happened so fast. I was not ready for what was about to happen.

Ready or not, it was time.

Sure enough, as soon as the water was broken, the many nurses rushed to my side and I began to push.

Something felt so different this time. The pain was overwhelming. I had 2 births without epidural but something wasn’t right. Then the Dr. told me that baby was in the sunny side up position and I was going to need to work with her to make the next pushes successful.

Everything in me told me I could not do this. I was screaming as I pushed which I knew was wrong but I could not seem to calm down and I needed to get it together. It was then that a nurse looked me in the eyes and began to support me. My Doctor reminded me that all the power I was putting into my screaming needed to go into these next pushes. If I couldn’t get her out in the next few, I would be looking at an emergency C-section.

At that moment I remembered one of the songs I loved so much through the pregnancy. “You make me brave…you call me out beyond the shore into the waves”  I was definitely feeling those waves but I knew HE had made me brave.

Within two very intense pushes and lots of help from my doctor moving her head in the right position, our beautiful baby Joy was here!

me and joy

She was much smaller than they were expecting. At 7 lbs 1 oz and 20 1/2 in., Joy was my second smallest baby. She did have a good head of hair, long and slender legs and arms and fingers long enough to play the piano right away!

introducing joy

Derrick and I were in love from the first second of her!


As they were cleaning Joy, I asked the nurse, “how long have I been here?” She told me from the moment I walked in the maternity ward to the moment she was born was 20 minutes! SERIOUSLY!!

I have heard about births going this fast but never had this happened to me. It felt like something you watch in a movie. All around me everyone was rushing and spinning but there I sat just trying to take it all in.

So, instead of making the calls to tell everyone I was headed to the hospital like usual, we made the call to say “she’s here!”


Joy has been every bit of just that in our lives. The Lord has used her to bring so much Joy to our family.  We are so very thankful for our sweet spirited baby girl.


The other three can’t hug and kiss her enough! We were a little afraid Sawyer may be jealous but he has embraced his role as big brother!

joy and sawyer

Joy Elise is now one month old and I know all too soon she will be grown and ready to face the world. Until then, I will be here soaking up every minute I can of that newborn smell and late night cuddles! Welcome to the world Baby Joy. My hands are full and my heart is overflowing!

first family pic


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