Listen. He’s Asking You, Too.

At this very moment I am sitting at my computer, praying as I type. God has brought me to this moment. He has been telling me very clearly for 4 days that He wants to use my writing yet I am at a blank as far as what He wants to say through me.

Listen. He's Asking You, Too.

It all started with Moses…

I was reading in Exodus where Moses encountered God and His power yet Moses did not believe that he could be used by God. ” I AM WHO I AM”  is the reply he got back. God was telling Moses that he didn’t need to be anything. He didn’t have to have it all together or be something special because God was everything. There is nothing we are lacking when God is with us because HE IS. There is no end to what He is!

The Sermon on Sunday…

On Sunday, the sermon hit me hard. It was God speaking to me, I have no doubt. One of the passages read was Romans 12. Through this chapter I felt Him sitting right next to me, whispering in my ear.  Paul is urging Christians to give themselves to God as worship before Him. He reminds them not to follow the way everyone else is doing things but to use their specific gift that God has given them and to love others in the process. In the NLT it says not to pretend to love others but to REALLY love them. He also reminds us to hate what is wrong and to hold tightly to what is good.

I left knowing without a doubt that God was speaking to me about my writing and my blog.  His charge on my heart was strong and He told me many details through that message as to what I need to be focused on and where I have drifted away from the original calling He gave me at the beginning of my blogging process.


Again, like Moses, I pushed aside His words. I didn’t forget them, I just didn’t make them a priority. Yes, I was excited about the possibility that God really wanted to use me but the reality was, what in the world did He want to do through me?

Another reminder…

In these pasts 4 days, I have had two women, one I know personally and one I have met on instagram, message me with both deep pain in their marriage and answers to prayers I have been praying for them.  As I took the messages from the Bible and from the sermon to heart, God also laid both of these women on my mind as a reminder that I may not have a blog that has a huge number of followers or even have posts that reach many around the world but without this blog, those two women may not have opened up to me and I would not have the opportunity to see God work in their lives. He wants to use me through my simple, quaint blog!

My message to you

Right there, that’s what I am trying to help you see. You may not have a blog. You may not write or even have a desire to but you have something God wants to use. I know it as a fact because the Bible clearly states that He has given you a gift to use. Maybe you bake, maybe you sew, maybe you sing. Are you good with your hands or  good at sitting and taking in the words of a friend? Do you have a way of making others feel comfortable? Do you see needs and want to do all you can to fill them? Do you love children and have a passion to show them that love? I don’t know what it is, but I know you have it. We all have something very special inside of us that may look very ordinary to others  and even to ourselves but God has a big plan to use.

Now GO

God continued His conversation with me today through Moses again. In Exodus, chapter 4, Moses is still arguing with God. He tells God that he is not good with words and the fact that He is asking him to go before the Pharaoh and speak is unthinkable. God replies back in verse 11, “who makes a person’s mouth? Who decides whether people speak or do not speak, hear or do not hear, see or do not see?  Is it not I, the Lord?”   And here we go, the verse that I want to mount on my wall so that I never forget, “Now go! I will be with you as you speak and I will instruct you in what you say.”

You may not be asked to speak. God may not ask you, as He is asking me , to write a message, but He does have a message for you to share.  Whether it be through a cake you bake for a sweet single mother who doesn’t have enough money to make her child’s birthday special this year or a hand on the shoulder of someone who you don’t even know but they needed just one human touch to feel hope. Maybe He’s asking you to take your dishtowel and some soap and help another mother who is sick and has had no chance to clean her home or it’s no word at all, just a listening ear to a mom who has been stuck in the house with kids for a week and just needs to talk and talk and talk (thank you by the way to the MANY who have been used by God in that way in my life!)

Whatever it is, He is saying “NOW GO! I will be with you…I will instruct you.” He is not asking you to do it alone. He is not asking you to even come up with what it is that you need to do. Just as He told Moses exactly what He wanted him to do, He will tell you. He will tell you, He will be with you and He will instruct you. All you have to do is be willing to be his hands and feet and let Him guide you to where He needs you.

The question

God is calling me to write. I don’t always know what He wants me to write about but when I let Him guide my fingers across these keys, I am in awe of the fact that such a powerful and majestic God wants to use me! Where does he want to use you? What has He been asking you to do? What has He been whispering in your ear?

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