My Prayer For Your Marriage

My Prayer For Your Marriage

My Father,

Hearts are breaking. Women are hurting. I am overcome with the many that have asked for prayer from me and I know there are millions more out there. Marriage is a union that is most beautiful to you. It is an example to the world of your love for us yet the devil knows this and wants nothing more than to pull it apart.

The world is screaming out lies to us about what we are as women. Who our husbands are and what we are supposed to get in return. I hear it every day ,God. I hear the devil shouting to me that I deserve better or that this man is worthless. It is at this time that you ask us to fight the lies. To proclaim your truth over them.

Father, I pray for the wife who feels no hope today. The wife who is struggling with her own sins or the sins of her husband. Maybe the devil is trying to tempt her with the love that the world offers. The short satisfaction of lust. Maybe she is buying into the lies that nothing will ever change and she is falling into a depression.  God, may she reach her hand out and call on your name. Even if all she can mutter from the pain is your priceless and healing name, JESUS, please, give her strength to turn to you for her hope.

I pray for the marriage that is still standing but they are facing trials. Keep this couple under your protection. Bring your arms around them and bring them closer to you and to each other through this battle they face. Be their anchor in the storm and may they show your glory to all who see them fight this together. Give them peace in the midst of their pain and comfort in the exhaustion of the battle.

I lift up to you couples who are in leadership or mentoring positions. I pray you give  them your protection as well. For we know that the devil wants nothing more for them to fall and not to get up again. The devil plots their end but we know you are much more powerful and I pray they will look to you to continue to give them wisdom and intimacy while they serve you and honor you with their union. 

God, My heart aches for marriages right now. Your heart is breaking. May we NEVER stop praying. May we pray continually for those we love. May we lift our husbands up, our friends marriages up, our parents marriages, our siblings.  Lord, give us words and wisdom to encourage and build up instead of tear down. Jesus, we give you all the glory, for it is in you and only through you that we can even begin to love another.

In your name I pray this,


**If there is something specific that I could pray for you in your marriage, I would love to lift that prayer up to God. You are welcome to email or message me privately at one of my forms or social media above. **

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