My Secret to Making Chores Fun


My Secret To Making Chores Fun

Dishes, mopping, cleaning the bathtub, all part of my job that never seems to end. It becomes mundane, annoying and a lot of times, ungratifying. Most of the time I don’t hear, “thanks for cleaning the bathtub, babe” or “that food was awesome mom, and you cleaned the dished like a goddess!”  “wow, my feet feel so fabulous on your sparkling clean floors!” (well I may have said that one to myself before but I am a sucker for clean floors)

I completely dreaded my time of cleaning after the kids went to bed, until I learned the secret ingredient.  Podcasts! I know, it’s not really a secret. Podcasts have been around for awhile but for about two years now I have been enjoying podcasts while doing dishes and it has made the chore an actual treat. Let me lay out the reasons one by one.

  1. I learn about my marriage, parenting and Godly truths.
  2. It is ME time with adult conversation, laughter and information.
  3. It is a quiet and (mostly) peaceful time where my heart is open and ready for God to speak.
  4. My empty cup is filled up once again for the next day.

As you can probably tell, most of the podcasts I listen to are Bible based and give me  encouragement. I can not tell you how many times I have stopped washing a dish to write down what God revealed to me through the words of the speaker or moments I have had to sit down and cry because I needed EXACTLY what was being said.

My husband can tell you just how much taking this time out each night while I also take care of the chores has helped me and has changed me in many areas. I don’t just listen and leave it to myself. Many nights I run to the other room to tell him what I heard. Most of my  friends or family members have heard this sentence “last night I heard about —— on my podcast….”  I have taken many ideas on parenting and tried to implement them in my life. The encouragement as a wife has grown me immeasurably. I still have a long way to go but because of these podcasts that I have been blessed with, I am working on it daily.

There are so many podcasts out there and I know there are many I will still find, but I want to share those that are changing my life right now.


  • Focus Daily This is the first podcast I ever started listening too. They have an app just for their podcast which I downloaded awhile back. If I had to just listen to one thing a day, this would for sure be it! The encouragement and inspiration from Focus on the Family is packed full with many popular writers, speakers and even celebrities.  I could write a whole post just on how God has used this podcast to change my heart about me personally and as a wife and mom. The app is free or you can download it in your podcast app.
  • Everyday Life with Lysa and Renee  – If you haven’t heard of Proverbs 31 Ministries, please check them out. You may know I am a big fan of Lysa TerKeurst and this ministry is ran by her along with some other very wise and real women of God. Everyday life with Lysa and Renee is filled with daily 1 minute words of encouragement that are perfect for a brief moment in the car or even a quick get away from the kids to breath.
  • Focus on Parenting This is ran by Focus on the Family but is solely about parenting. There are all ranges of topics from raising well behaved children to talking to your son about puberty. Parenting is no joke but the advice I receive from the many speakers in this podcast give me strategies and sometimes just a little boost of confidence that I can do this!
  • Focus on Marriage – Like the podscast I just meantioned, this too is hosted by Focus on the Family but focuses on Marriage. It never seems to fail that the right topic comes just at the right time. With conversations about love languages, intimacy and even setting boundries with inlaws, you are sure to find encouragement in the most precious area of your family.
  • Java with Juli – This is a new one for me but I can already tell it may become one of my very favorites! Java with Juli is hosted by Juli Slattery. If you have not heard her before, you are in for a treat! She is joined by two women who are bringing in different generational approaches.  Linda Dillow (who I hope to meet one day and learn from her peaceful spirit) is in her 70’s and Hannah is in her late 20’s. They are literally sitting around a table having coffee in a coffee shop. The conversations include intimacy in marriage and with God and topics that many Christian women are struggling with that just are not discussed enough. (sex, pornography, pornographic books, sexual abuse) I love that I found this podcast!

My podcasts

 These next two podcasts are a little more specific to what I have going on in my life right now but I thought I would still share for the blogger or homeschool friends I have that are reading this!

  • Dollars and Roses This is so much fun!! The Roses are a blogging couple and they will make you laugh, I guarantee it. They interview successful bloggers and offer advice on how to get your blog up and running including how to monotize. My blogging techniques have grown a lot through what I have learned with this podcast and I have had fun learning it!
  • The Homeschool Sanity Show  – Another fun one to listen to. Dr. Melanie Wilson literally makes these podcasts from behind her locked bathroom door where she gets a minute from the business and demands as a homeschool mom. She offers help for homeschoolers as far as curriculum, how to teach different subjects or even how to keep your marriage strong as a homeschool family. I love what this podcast offers and I always look forward to what I will learn next.

So, there you have it. If you walk into my house around 8:40 pm, you will find my hands in a sink of water and one of these podcasts playing. Now, I honestly look forward to the dishes and my nightly chores. There are nights where I dread the pile of dirty dishes or the floors caked with sticky cookie crumbs but as soon as the first few sentences come through from Focus on the Family speakers or one of the others I mentioned I am full of thankfulness for the opportunity to grow as I work. Most days I look ahead to what I will be listening to that night and I can not wait to dig in!

Give one of these a try or try all of them! Let me know what you think. Do you have a favorite podcast? Leave it in the comments. I am always looking for more to add!

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