Race against the clock…

I am convinced that my home will never stay clean for more than half a day in this stage of my life. I am almost ok with it. If you were to see my house though you would probably already think I was ok with it! haha  After moving to a larger home back in December, I find it a little easier to keep up with the clutter but it is still a part of the never ending story of my life! I look around some days and wonder why my house was broken into and randsacked yet they took nothing! Surely WE did not make such a mess! “How in the world did the house get this cluttered in less than 24 hours? I just cleaned! I give up” can be heard very often from mommy dearest. There are times when I can look around and think “it’s ok, the children are making memories. This just means they had a good day” other times I think “BURN IT ALL AND START OVER!!”  Want to hear a little secret?  Sometimes I think to myself “If only I could live all alone.  My house would be sparkling clean and I could just sit here and gaze at its beauty!”  Then I snap back into realty and remember my bedroom growing up… ok, maybe not!  I love a clean home and I love the way it feels to look around and see how it shines, how it glows how it calls out “sit down and relax. Your house is clean dear queen!” But then the kids wake up, the dishes and food get brought out again and the dog lavishes my floors with his beautiful white wired hair.  This is life. This will pass. So, I will embrace the days I get to enjoy the pine sol scented castle which I call home and I will try to remain calm when that castle comes crashing down!

Yesterday, I got a chance to pick up. I had to take a trip to pick up my oldest daughter after staying 4 days with her grandparents.  Boy did I miss her.  I walked in the house with my three very wired little ones after a long road trip and somehow got them to stay in their rooms for a “nap” (sleeping never became part of the equation but I will take what I can get!).  I really wanted a nap but I thought to myself how nice it would be to take just a few minutes and get just the main living areas picked up. I decided to play a little game I used to play while cleaning up when I was a young girl.  I set the timer on my iphone for 15 minutes in the living room and whatever I did not get done in that 15 minutes just wasn’t going to get done. I was worn out and I needed a little quiet time myself!  So, I started with this (now, please don’t judge me! It was a long weekend and I am being very vulnerable with these picture! lol)image (2)

Please, I pray my mom is not reading this. Please know she taught me better! But this is reality. This is home! I had a friend that would always say “we live in our house”. It always made me feel so comfortable around her because I knew she did not judge me an I did not judge her!  If you are able to keep your home tidy at all times, good for you! I really mean that.  My mom did. She kept it spectacular. Somehow I did not get her abilities! But, we live here!  Ok, back to the point of my “encouraging and insightful post”!  So, I set my 15 minute timer and away I went. I made piles of different items that needed to go to the same room. I learned years ago, when cleaning a large space, gather all the clutter first and then put it where it goes. Don’t try to take each item or it will take you forever!  I learned that 15 minutes goes a long way! This is what I was able to do.image (3)

I was even able to sweep! I was not able to mop but that is ok, Ive got sawyer and his drooly onesies while he scoots for that!

Now, on to the kitchen:

image (4)

I’m not proud of this room either, but once again, this is life!  I tried to get somewhere in this room in 15 minutes but with washing dishes, that just wasn’t enough. Also, you can’t tell, but to the left of the picture is our dining room area. This is how my mind works…”really, I did do this room in 15 minutes! I just did two rooms at once so that is why it took me 30″ I think if you could just hear some of the things I think, you may laugh really hard or just stop reading my post in fear that I was not fully functioning mentally!! As I said, it took me 30 minutes to get this:

image (5)

Counters cleared and cleaned, Dishes washed (except for the crock pot in the sink. It had to soak. I think that poor thing is always soaking!) I even swept this floor too!

I wanted to share this first all of as an encouragement to moms that, hey, we are living here.  Each day is never the same as a stay at home mom and especially if your kids are close in age like mine.  I believe I need to strive to keep the home healthy and functional of course, but some days clean and tidy just is not going to be part of the agenda with these sticky, painted peanut butter glitter hands I have around the house! That’s ok because all too soon those hands will be all too far and the tiny footprints in our freshly mopped floors will be there no longer.

Also, try out the race against the clock method! It really made it fun for me and I was able to get a little me time in before naps were over.  Do you have any tips for getting house chores done in the few moments you have without the kids running around?  Please share!

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