Stop Acting Like a Baby!!


stop acting like a baby!3

I’ve said it 100 times, “stop acting like a baby!” Have you said it before? Those moments when your child just gets on that last nerve and you can’t understand why they can’t pull it together and be the grown up that you’re trying to teach them to be? It’s funny, I find myself crying over how quickly they have grown, how fast the time has flown by but then they run around the house  singing” let it go” at the top of their lungs in their princess dress complete with tiara and plastic heels and I want them to “act their age!”

This happened to me overnight. I used to be so good at accepting and embracing the silliness of childhood but the older they get the more I tend to think they should act more maturely. This all came to me today as I was sitting next to Mackenzie while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Sawyer was nursing on my lap. Mackenzie could not sit still. She kept bouncing around like there were ants in her pants! I had finally had enough and I looked up at her while saying “Mackenzie, stop wiggling so much!” but as I saw her face it was full of complete happiness! She was so taken in by what she was watching (Mickey can do that too you!) that she just couldn’t stay still! Then it hit me, she is only 5! The day she turned 5 I was upset because my baby was getting too big. She was 5 which leads to 6 and then 7 and before you know it, 16 and then 21! As I grew my child up so quickly in my mind, I forgot one important thing, She is 5 right now! This is a time to be silly, make mistakes, laugh at words like “poo poo” and “stinky face” and bounce around with excitement.

While yes, we are trying to train them to be successful and respectful adults, we can not forget how quickly the years of being wild, obnoxious and passionate little children fade. All too soon the days of baby dolls, barbies, and playing princess are gone (I haven’t even gotten into superheroes, monster trucks and Pirates yet!) As an example, think back to your child’s favorite show when they were younger. Mackenzie loved Yo Gabba Gabba. Some awful person created this show to spite parents intelligence! Anyway, she knew all the songs and would stand up and dance as soon as it came on. Now, she has different interests and shows that make her dance. She has grown into shows that are suited more for her age level and the days of “yummy, yummy in my tummy!” are gone (If you have had a child obsessed with the show, you know what I am talking about!) . They grow up so quickly.

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Don’t forget to let them be little! Let them go outside in their panties and get soaked in the rain! (I’m talking young children here!! haha) Let them bake cookies and don’t flip out when half the egg shell falls in the bowl with the egg! Laugh with them when they giggle at words like Poo poo and toots! Most of all, let them be silly. All too fast the world demands so much of them and the innocence starts to fade. Embrace this time, relax and be silly too momma!!

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