Are You Even Listening, God?


Have you asked this question? Have you been in that place of desperation where you are crying out to God for guidance, a sign, a change or simply an answer?

My guess is you have.

This summer has been just that for my husband and I. We have had some life changing circumstances […]

Tell The Storm How Big Your God Is

Fear can be debilitating. It can be downright paralyzing and I think that’s a good reason why our enemy uses it so often to deter us from following, or even seeking, after God at times.

Two stories in the Bible deal with fear, yet the two are drastically different in the building of character […]

What Does Fear Steal From Us? {Guest Post}








I had returned home from a longer than usual shift. As a result, I had seen my children only for a brief moment before leaving for work, returning after they had gone to bed. I began my normal routine of unwinding as my very social job taxes […]

7 Things I Want You To Know About Your Daddy…(That He May Never Tell You)

Daddy is crazy silly, isn’t he? You love that about him! He has the best tickles. He sings the funniest songs. He makes you laugh until you cry and you absolutely love that about him. Sometimes daddy will break all the rules and give you dessert before dinner. Other times he will surprise us […]