Speaking Grace

Many times we – moms who stay home with the kids all day, doing the same routine and events every day – think we have no impact or significance in anyone else’s life. We wonder how we can impart grace into others’ lives while we balance the duties of child-rearing, home, and ministry efforts.


Prayers of Honesty

I had just left my sister-in-law’s house and was driving home thinking about the encouraging and godly conversation we had during Girls’ Night. As my thoughts drifted, I began thinking of another family situation which has been a difficult one.

I decided long ago that when a person or a situation comes into my mind […]

To the Mom Who’s Still in Her Pajamas…

You are not alone.

You probably even forgot you were still wearing them. You woke up in a rush when you heard the baby crying. Once again, you set the alarm, hoping to spend some time in prayer and preparing for the day ahead but when the alarm went off, you wiped the drool […]

Would You Stay With “Every Reason To Leave”?


When I received the request to review this book called “Every Reason To Leave” I looked forward to helping other marriages with an honest assessment of the book but I never imagined I would learn so much for myself! *{Don’t miss the book giveaway at the end of this post!}*

As I’ve stated […]

…His Arms Held Us Together


“When the Lord Saw that Leah was not loved, he opened her womb…” ~ Genesis 29:31

The Lord saw Leah. He looked on her and knew her pain. He SAW her. Her marriage was far from perfect or even desirable. To an extent she was alone. Leah felt unloved, confused and cheated, I can […]

Do you Desire to Study God’s Word With Friends?

Have you seen that announcement in church or on a flyer about a group of ladies getting together to study God’s word? Did you get excited about it and start to sign up only to put your pen down because you knew you couldn’t do it? You could never make it at that time. […]