Are You Even Listening, God?


Have you asked this question? Have you been in that place of desperation where you are crying out to God for guidance, a sign, a change or simply an answer?

My guess is you have.

This summer has been just that for my husband and I. We have had some life changing circumstances […]

Tell The Storm How Big Your God Is

Fear can be debilitating. It can be downright paralyzing and I think that’s a good reason why our enemy uses it so often to deter us from following, or even seeking, after God at times.

Two stories in the Bible deal with fear, yet the two are drastically different in the building of character […]

What I Learned After Meeting Lysa TerKeurst

Standing in line behind many women, I rehearsed in my mind what I would say.

“I love everything you stand for and the way you communicate through your words is such an inspiration to me. My goal and dream is to one day be doing what you do and to speak […]

The Heart of a Child



Have you had that moment while reading the Bible where you clearly felt God was speaking to you or sitting there pointing out exactly what He wanted you to see?

I had that moment tonight.

The “aha!” moment.

The moment where I literally laid in worship before my Father.

While reading […]

My Prayer For Your Marriage

My Father,

Hearts are breaking. Women are hurting. I am overcome with the many that have asked for prayer from me and I know there are millions more out there. Marriage is a union that is most beautiful to you. It is an example to the world of your […]

The Culmination of Glory

Currently I am participating in a course through Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. This is our third week out of fifteen and I am already gaining a […]

What can I give Him this year?

I’ve been busy for at least two weeks now getting all the gifts ready. Presents for the nephews and niece, friends, gift exchanges, parents and of course our children. I love giving gifts. I love to go out and try to pick the perfect thing. What will they love the most? I want to […]

Rescued From the Darkness: A Journey Through Postpartum Depression


When I married into the Stone family, I gained a beautiful little sister. Loren has always had a special place in my heart and an even deeper place in my husband’s heart. She is the baby and he is the oldest of the brothers so I am sure you can understand how priceless she […]

They Called Him Jesus, They Call Me Mommy

Growing up, I always heard how Jesus knows exactly what I am feeling and has been where I am. There are many areas in my life where I find this hard to believe. Jesus was not a woman, He was not a mother, He was not a wife. Yet still, the more I learn […]

Is God Interrupting My Day?

I love planners! You know, those books with a calendar in them where you get to write out, in your nicest handwriting, the events of the day. Some are oh so cute and some are purely just functional. I have had really big ones that I literally started carrying a different sized purse around […]