Refreshed in Spirit

Some nights, probably more than I would care to admit, I am exhausted & discouraged. I may not have gotten anything done that I wanted to and yet I feel the pressure to run myself ragged in order to accomplish more. My spirit is depleted, not refreshed.

“O Lord, in the morning you hear […]

See Mom Run

I have been running a lot lately…

No, not the kind of running that wins you a medal. Not the kind of running that fulfills your New Years goals!

I have been running away a lot.

When life gets to be a little too much, I run. I run straight to my room or […]

To the Mom Who’s Still in Her Pajamas…

You are not alone.

You probably even forgot you were still wearing them. You woke up in a rush when you heard the baby crying. Once again, you set the alarm, hoping to spend some time in prayer and preparing for the day ahead but when the alarm went off, you wiped the drool […]

The Fabulous Life of the Stay at Home Mom


Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Many mother’s will be celebrated and in a lot of different ways. No matter how you are celebrated, we can all agree, we are needed! Sometimes we would like to be needed less but I don’t know anyone else that could love this Fabulous life we […]