The Fabulous Life of the Stay at Home Mom

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Many mother’s will be celebrated and in a lot of different ways. No matter how you are celebrated, we can all agree, we are needed! Sometimes we would like to be needed less but I don’t know anyone else that could love this Fabulous life we live.  The following are real accounts of a day in the life:

It’s 12:15 am. My husband and I just finished watching our nightly House rerund. We turn down the air, make sure everything is locked up and head to bed.  “It’s your turn to pray tonight” I say, so we say our prayers, laugh a little, cuddle some, kiss and feet connect…time to sleep!  Head hits the pillow…I mean it really hits the pillow, I am that tired but staying up late is just what it takes to get everything done and enjoy time with Derrick. Eyes closed, slow breathing starts, Sawyer’s “mom is comfortable” alarm goes off and…wait for it…WWWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!!  “REALLY?!?!’  I say. I knew it would happen, it happens every night but for some reason my reaction is always the same. This is the start of my day!( I know, it is only 12:40 but 12 am starts a new day and as Julie Andrews  Said ” let’s start at the very beginning”!)

Back to bed.

1:30 am – In Walks Ember. “mom, I need a kiss”  How sweet you say! Not as sweet when I just fell asleep! “ok honey, <SMACK> now get to bed . I love you”  “Can you please carry me to bed?”  Knowing if I say no, there will be loud crying which will wake up sawyer, I say sure.

Back to bed

3:30 AM –  WWWWAAAAHHHH.. Milking time again!  I try to hold my eyes open enough to catch up on what happened between 12:45 and 3:30 on Facebook.  Not much!

Back to bed

7:30 AM-  wwaahh…wwwwwaaaahhhhh….WWWWWAAAAAHHHH   “Yes, I hear him.”  In walks Ember, “mom, Sawyer is crying”.  Yup, I know!  Just waiting to see if maybe he will go back to sleep…or I just don’t want to face the fact that my fabulous day is really starting this early…again!

8:00 am – “Mom, I want breakfast.”  “mom, can I have milk in the chocolate” (that is chocolate milk for Ember) “Where is daddy?”  “can I have some fruit snacks?” ” Ooohh, I like toast, can I have yours?”  It is amazing how these little people have so much to say so early in the morning. I used to be such a morning person, but something changed in my soul after becoming a mom! It wasn’t a good change!

8:25 AM – Breakfast has been consumed and small puddles of milk and fruit loops are all over the table as proof. Ill be cleaning that up later. Right now it is time to start a load of laundry…”girls, get dressed please”  “Sawyer, stay right here, momma will be right back. I need to gather the laundry.”  “WWAAAAHHHH”…and so it begins!

8:30 am – Laundry sorted and one load started.

8:35 am – break up the first fight of the day. This one was over who gets to be Queen Elsa.  (Personally, I’d like to be Elsa! I could use some magical Freezing powers today!)

8:45 AM- Walk in just in time to catch Sawyer from falling. The Boy thinks he can climb on anything and walk around…hasn’t quite figured out that he can’t yet!

9:00 – “MOM! I’m sorry! It wasn’t my fault!” The words I hate hearing most! Time to deal with this. Won’t be the first time today….<DING> Laundry is ready for the dryer….WWWWWAAAAHHHH ”   Oops, didn’t quite catch him this time!  “I’m coming”    “Mom, Kenzie stole my game!” “NO I DIDN’T!!!!”   AAAAAHHHHHH, Time for some prayer!

9:10 – OK, feeling better!  It should almost be naptime now…Nope! not even close. Load laundry back up and attempt to pick up the living room and kitchen.

9:30 – “MY POOP IS COLORED THE RAINBOW!!!!” I run as fast as I can to the bathroom. This sounds serious! Sure enough. It is the color of the rainbow.  I freak a little, then remember the rainbow colored ice cream from the day before. Too late, I have a little 5 year old falling apart on me now. “IM DYING!!”  ” No honey, you aren’t dying.” I go on to explain what happened and we go on our way. (baby attached to hip at this point.

9:45 – “OK girls, we have 10 minutes before we start school. Make sure you are dressed and finish what you’re doing. ”  OOOHHH NO!! The trash! I forgot! I hope they didn’t already take it!! Set Sawyer down in the walker. Tell girls to stay inside. Put on some flip flops and off I go with the huge green container.  BUMPITY BUMP BUMP across the rocks. It is so loud…OH MY GOSH, I’m still in my pajamas and robe! I hadn’t even noticed. Oh Well, this isn’t a beauty pageant. No one is expecting Kim Kardashian….I bet she doesn’t have to do this anyway. Park the can by the mailbox…look around, NICE, they already took the trash!  Walk it back to the house…well that was a nice stroll!

10:15 AM – School! Everyone is happy right now. Sawyer is running around in the walker. The girls are learning the letter of the day. We sing, we color we create!

10:47 AM –  Well, that really didn’t last as long as I had hoped! “Mom, what can we do now?  Can we go to the park and have candy??” No candy! Park maybe later. I need to get the laundry switched over.  WHY ARE YOU CRYING SO MUCH SAWYER?!?!?  Oh yeah, he needs to nurse. “ok, everyone in the living room. Let’s watch Sofia the First. Feed Sawyer. AH, much better. Everyone is smiling again.

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11:30 AM  -” Mommy needs a shower. Sawyer will be with me in his walker. Don’t answer the door to anyone.  Just come and tell mommy”. Right before I get in the shower…”Mommy, someone’s at the door!” “You better not be pretending again, Ember!”  Towel wrapped, I walk to the door…Yup, she was kidding.  “Ember, it’s not funny! after momm’y shower we will talk about this!”  While in the shower I hear little feet running. Now all three kids are in the bathroom and two little girls heads are  hanging in the shower, talking to me!  This is the fabulous life indeed!

12:15 PM  – Start lunch

12:30 PM – eat lunch. Lunch includes many giggles, talk about letters and the Bible story that day and my favorite part, food all over the floor.  How do they leave so much behind!

12:50 PM –  Pick up the girls room. While we pick up we like to play music and dance. It honestly is a lot of fun…until I see that ember has been sitting on the bed the whole time, playing. “Ember, you need to help!” (deep down I almost wish she didn’t help because when she cleans, I later find closets or drawers full of random objects that have been thrown in there by Princess crazy herself!) Room is clean! Now if only I had a moment to get to that dirty kitchen floor and all the dishes leftover from lunch!

1:20 PM – OK, NAP TIME!!! YAY!! ( that is me saying yay of course) Separate each one into their napping places, nurse sawyer again, BREATH!!

Now, other than a few “I’ve got to potties” or “get back in your bed, you have not gone to sleep yet” This is my time.  That means, cleaning, computer work, or blogging. Today I choose a nap…. too bad though. Sawyer is already up and there is no hope to getting him back to sleep.  Wide awake!

3:15 PM  –  I fight the urge to scream because I am so tired and get on the floor to work on some walking with my little man. Oh but wait. I forgot about the 3 piles of laundry that needs folded.  I fold, he tears it apart, I fold, he pools it off of the couch. This goes on for awhile but he is so darn cute.

Photo credit to Ember, she must have known mommy would be blogging about laundry today!!

Photo credit to Ember, she must have known mommy would be blogging about laundry today!!

4:00 PM  – “Mommy, I slept so good, can I get up now?”  Nope, you never went to sleep Mackenzie, because I heard you singing let it go and do you want to build a snow man over and over but it is time to get up so come on in and please be quiet, Ember is still asleep!  Five minutes later in runs Ember like a lion on the hunt!  She always wakes up like this and although it is so frustrating at times, it is her and I love her for it.

4:15 – Popsicles on the porch!

photo (5)

4:17 – The popsicles are gone and everyone including mommy is a sticky mess!  Let’s go to the park!

4:30 – Shoes full of sand, hair full of sand and Sawyer is crying again.  What? I don’t know what….oh yeah, time to nurse again! Man, time goes by so quickly!

4:45PM  – Back home and nursing sawyer while the girls run and scream Disney songs at the top of their lungs. Princess dresses are now laying all over the living room floor and Sawyer and I have had a makeover! Is Daddy home yet??/ (again, that is me, not them!) I need some help!

5:15 PM- My mind drifts to dinner as the girls and I have a tea party. Oh no, Again! I forgot to take out the chicken. Don’t panic. You’ve done this before. You know what to do…it’s just a pain! Out comes the chicken and Boom, “WWWAAAAHHH” Sawyer falls again.  Throws chicken on the counter, runs to son and chicken is forgotten…

5:30PM  – Text my husband, please let him say he  will be getting off soon! “I’ll be a little later tonight. Hope to be home by 7″  Ok, remind myself that he is just as tired as me and would rather be on his way home too!

6:00 PM-  I REALLY have to go to the bathroom! Maybe if I sneak in and sneak out….”Mom, what are you doing?” (what does it look like I’m doing?)  “She’s in here! I found mommy!” Why were they even looking for me? It’s been maybe a minute!  Party in the bathroom, mommy is going potty! Based on how I know I was as a child, I know this will continue on for years to come.

6:15PM  – time to start dinner…oh no, the chicken! I forgot! At this point Sawyer is crying again and <DING> dryer is done!  For some reason, everyone wants to be in the kitchen now and I have about a 10 inch square of room to walk around in while preparing dinner. Hands go on the hot stove door, fingers are touching the raw chicken, Ember has eaten half of the red pepper and OH GOOD, sawyer pooped in his pants…wait not only in his pants….! Dinner is cooking but the mess is indescribable…<KNOCK, KNOCK> The neighbor kids are at the door and want to play!

photo (9)

photo (4)

7:00 PM –  YAY!!! HE’s HOME!!! I have so many things to tell him, I hug him, he has girls hanging on each leg and a baby crying at his feet to be held.  Praise GOD, He is home!!!

7:15 PM – Dinner. Please let tonight be a peaceful dinner! Other than hearing “poo poo Butt” 15 times, telling Ember to sit down in her seat a trillion times and trying to shove the food to sawyer fast enough….It was quite relaxing!! Not!  What I would give for one sweet family dinner…just one! Everyone is finished, I’m still trying to work on mine but Sawyer is screaming at this point, ready to get down…I’ll just finish this later. I didn’t really feel like eating anyway. ( you caught the sarcasm there, right? )

7:30 PM  – Baths. The Happiest time of the night. It is also the time I feel most like I’m running a marathon. By this time I am so ready to have them in bed that I do all I can to get it all done as quickly and joyfully as possible.  Bathing 3 kiddos isn’t all fun and games though!

photo (6)

7:50PM – Give daddy hugs and kisses and time for a book! This is such a special time of the night. All three kids sitting, listening to me do silly voices. Laughing at me as if I’m the funniest person they know! I love it….but then…Book closes, “ok, time to get on your pillows!”  “NO!!! I need to go potty” “NO! Im scared” “I need a drink of water” “I can’t find my dee-dee and my seahorse” (long story)  The list goes on and on UNTIL….

9ish PM….They’re asleep…and I’m exhausted!  Adrenalin rush is gone and Mommy feels old. Looking back at the day, I almost can’t believe I did all of that. Yet, I still find myself thinking I should  have done more. “Sorry the house wasn’t picked up better when you got home” So sorry your shirts aren’t washed yet. I tried to get them all done” “sorry, I wasn’t able to return your call today” “God, I really wanted to spend more time with you” Why can’t I ever get it all done? Once again, I didn’t measure up. I yelled, I cried, I laughed, I worried.  So many emotions go into a single day as a mom.

You know what though? As I walk slowly back to my bed, dragging my tired feet, I stop by their beds. Ember is half on her pillow and legs on the floor. That girl is ready to go even in her sleep! Mackenzie, thumb in mouth, snoring and looking as peaceful as a little angel. Sawyer, that chunk of a baby, legs sweetly tucked under his adorable booty! We survived! They survived! We made it through the day and I love them more than I did last night when I came in and kissed their little cheeks! Is that possible?  These babies came from me? They are mine! And, as tired as I am , I get to play with them tomorrow! Tomorrow, I can’t wait to get their hugs and kisses tomorrow! Yup, this is the fabulous life of a stay at home mom!

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