What can I give Him this year?

What Can I Give Him This Year?

I’ve been busy for at least two weeks now getting all the gifts ready. Presents for the nephews and niece, friends, gift exchanges, parents and of course our children. I love giving gifts. I love to go out and try to pick the perfect thing. What will they love the most? I want to see that WOW when they open up the box from me.

Then there is the gift of my time and memories I have been making with my children. You may have read about What I am giving my family this year. I have written lists of supplies, sat up at night trying to prepare activities or crafts and made messes in the kitchen.  It has been a blast and well worth it.

But what am I getting HIM…

Sunday, as I sang in worship with arms raised to Emanuel I was faced with the question.  What am I getting Him? After all, it is His birthday. It may sound juvenile, but seriously, who goes to a party without a gift…especially for a king.

Of course, God doesn’t need any gift I can get in the crowds at the mall or standing in the pushy isles at Target, but, this is still important to me. I do not want to go through this Christmas without a gift for the guest of honor.

I asked Him to Reveal what I had to give Him…

I began to ask Him what He wanted me to give. Just as we ask family members what they want, I wanted to know what Jesus wanted from me. I asked Him to reveal to me what I had to give to Him.

Later that evening, while singing lullabies to my son, I sang the words to the Little Drummer Boy. “I have no gift to bring pa rum pum pum pum, That’s fit to give a king…”

“That is exactly how I feel God. I am overwhelmed with a desire to give you a gift yet what do I have? What can I give you that is even worth bringing to the celebration?”

The words of my pastor began to come to my heart. He spoke about how the Key to everything is giving and how, many times, God uses us (me) to give to His people. Through us, He meets the needs of His people.

Hands and feet…

You’ve probably heard the term but we are to be the hands and the feet of Jesus. When I allow my hands to be used to hug someone hurting or to cook up a dinner for a needy family; when I let my feet go to the home he wants to use me in or the destination He may want to bring me to, that is when I am becoming HIS hands and HIS feet here on earth.

So, that is just what I am giving Him. Essentially, my HANDS and my FEET. This year I give Him a heart, hands and a mind that are open to what He wants to say or do through them.

…And He opened the gift

As soon as I committed this in my heart, a dear friend was given the kind of news that ROCKS YOUR WORLD. Very soon her life will completely be turned upside down and she needs God now more than ever to be evident in her life.

Hearing the news, my heart sank and I immediately thought , how can I help her.  HANDS AND FEET. This is where it starts! This is where I get to test out if I really meant what I said. This is where God opens up that present I presented Him with and the gift becomes a reality in my life.

I couldn’t be more excited about the gift I am giving to the King of King and Lord or Lords.  I,  in my sin and imperfection, but covered by His grace have the privilege to stand before His majesty with my hands open and present my gift to Him. The best part, He accepts it and uses me when I am willing!  It sounds fancy and almost fairytale-esque but it’s not. This is the real thing.

What will you give Him?

I challenge you to ask Him what gift He wants from you. Ask Him what you have to give because there is a present that only YOU can give.

Will you give Him a gift this Christmas? Are you bringing a gift to His party?


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