What Does Fear Steal From Us? {Guest Post}





What Does Fear Steal From Us?




I had returned home from a longer than usual shift. As a result, I had seen my children only for a brief moment before leaving for work, returning after they had gone to bed.  I began  my normal routine of unwinding as my very social job taxes me in a heavy way due to my very anti-social tendancies.

After my wife finished her nightly ritual of cleaning and straigtening, we sat and enjoyed a show together. By now, bed is calling.   I head to the restroom before calling it a night.  As I pass by Sawyer’s room, I hear a soft cry from within. This is normal, as he usually shifts to get comfortable or finds comfort in his blanket and his favorite musical toy, and as quickly as it starts it’s finished as he returns to sleep.

But not tonight…Daddy needed him. I softly enter the room, scoop him up, fish out his blanket and settle into the rocking chair. Resting him up against my chest, I drape his blanket over his back and wrap my arms around him.

As I rock, I gently pat his back.

He loves that.

I soak in the moment.

His breathing slows and deepens as he slips further into slumber and I know he is out. “I could stay here forever” I think to myself. I stop rocking, knowing my time to sleep is at hand, only to feel a tiny hand slapping my arm, demanding I continue. I laugh as his message is received loud and clear!

He smiles bigger than I thought possible.  I kiss his forhead and tell him I love him. He tucks his head against my chest and he’s out again. I lay him down, sad it is over.

I leave the room, with heart full of joy, and indescribably happy I had not allowed the moment to pass. Then came the voice, load and clear; “That’s what it’s like when I hold you. When you cry out, I don’t wait until you find comfort, but instead, I rush in , scoop you up and hold you in my arms. I love those moments. They fill my heart, but you don’t cry out to me all that often, anymore.”

He’s right…I don’t. I grab my blanket, shift around seeking to get comfortable again and reach for my favorite musical toy, hoping my heart will be comforted, so I can rest at ease.

I could give you many reasons as to why I seek comfort elsewhere. Some are wrapped in pride, as I’m convinced I must find my own way. Some reasons are dripping in shame, as I know I don’t deserve His love and affection. Many are tainted by lies as I’ve forgotten His purpose and name; The Great Comforter.

They all have on thing in common; I am afraid God. Afraid that you’ll reject me as I know my faults, my mistakes and that I am not good enough. I’m afraid of disappointing you. I’m afraid of what you might say to me, what you might take from me or what punishment I might suffer.

As I reflect on my moment with my son and the conversation between my heart and the Father, the question rings out loudly, ” what has fear taken from me?” God reminds me in a beautiful way that He wants to comfort me. He is waiting by my door, listening for my cry so He can come in , scoop me up, wrap me in His arms and lay me against His chest and rock me.

He wants to pat my back, because I love that and comfort me, reminding me “I’ve got this.”  No words pass and none are needed. The single, greatest and most important thing to the Father in the moment is you and He is hoping this moment of you wrapped in His arms will last forever.

Don’t be afraid.


Derrick Stone

Derrick Stone: My husband and King of the Stone household. He is passionate about the Word of God and very gifted in presenting it in an understandable way. Derrick enjoys legos, Halo, crossword puzzles, Chocolate chip cookies and is basically the spokesman for Coca Cola! According to Mackenzie, He is her favorite daddy!  I am honored to share his heart on my blog.



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