What I Give Up to be Fun Mom

What I Give Up to be Fun Mom

On any given day, I have a plan. We have school, I have a room of the house I try to detail clean, I try to connect on social media personally and with my blog friends and then there is the constant clean up all moms know far too well! That is just the normal swing of things and what I strive to get done every day ( not including the errands or goals I add to each each week).

Well, this particular week, that all changed. It was a “snow week” and this momma dropped everything! While I tried to keep up with some of the necessities, most days we just had fun and lounged.


My sweet sawyer, who is 20 months, today, had never seen real snow and my girls really haven’t had a snow like this. It came down, it poured down and it was beautiful!

Sawyer's first time in snow

When I first saw it through the window I literally felt my heart jump! I don’t think anyone was more excited than I was. I wanted more than anything to make memories with this beautiful gift God gave the south!

Look, There's snow!

We played in the snow.


We cried in the snow.

crying in the snow

We painted snow.

painting snow

We ate the snow.

Snow Icecream

We built snowmen.

do you want to build a snowman

We caught it on the tips of our tongues!

snow snow!

We enjoyed every bit of it…and then it was gone and I never regretted one second of messy floors or chores missed or naptimes bumped to a different hour. I only thank God that He gave me a chance to make memories and capture moments.

So, if you are the mom, looking at the pictures of another mom having way to much fun with her kids and asking yourself, how does she do it all?

…Let me just answer that question for you.


It is a fact that I can not keep up with everything on my list AND enjoy the spontaneity of fun memories that come our way.

When snow days come or I get a whim to take the kids to get slushes and play at sonic or when daddy decides to load everyone up and drive 5 hours to the Ft. Worth Zoo (yes, that just happened!) I have to let go of some other things I had planned for that day. And that is ok.

I don’t have to let everything completely fall apart but I have to be able to leave some slack in my schedule so that moments like these don’t pass by without noticing them.

This isn’t always easy, I know, but I can promise you that I have never regretted the work it takes to get back on schedule afterward.

I have never regretted the smiles I captured or the talks at dinnertime about how much fun they had.

These are the moments that matter. These are the reasons I love what I do!

girls in the snow

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