What I Learned After Meeting Lysa TerKeurst

What I Learned After Meeting Lysa TerKeurst

Standing in line behind many women, I rehearsed in my mind what I would say.

“I love everything you stand for and the way you communicate through your words is such an inspiration to me. My goal and dream is to one day be doing what you do and to speak along side you at conferences!”

No, that is way to long. Ok maybe,

“Wow, I can not believe I am actually meeting you! This is such an honor. Let me just tell you about what you have inspired me to pursue…”

Yeah, that would take forever!

It was my turn now and as Lysa TerKeurst looked at me, she smiled, shook my hand and proceeded to grab my book and sign.  I handed her assistant my phone to take a picture of she and I, I put my arm around her because it just felt right, I said (in a shaky nervous voice) “You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for all that you do”

She said thank you and I went on my way.

Now, Let me just tell you how I envisioned this moment would go.

I am next in line, Lysa looks at me as if she has just been reconnected with her best friend. We embrace one another, chat about the amazing things God is teaching us (not too long though because there are others in line waiting but of course they are not as in awe of her as I am) She would sign my book, I would tell her of the Bible Study I had led through it and of how much it changed my life. We would finish the conversation with information about my blog and my dream of speaking and she would take down my number for future reference because she saw something special in me and knew she wanted me on her team!

Yeah, pretty high expectations there! I know!

Deep down, I knew it wouldn’t happen that way but even deeper , I hoped it would.

It is funny how when we study someone enough and follow them all over social media, we think we know them and that somehow they know us.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed as I walked away that evening.

Oh don’t get me wrong, it was still a dream come true and I will never forget it and let me be clear, it was nothing Lysa did wrong. She was so very kind.

Still, I had hoped I would be known, you know? I guess a piece of me longed for her to see through me, into my heart and know inside was a passionate women, striving to make an impact and a difference just as she is with all of her ministries.

How could she know that? Honestly, I was just another fan, another reader and as much as I am sure her heart was grateful to meet each one of us, we were still strangers waiting for a picture and an autograph!

Walking back to my seat, as the worship music began, the words of the song stood out so clearly to me…”Jesus at the center of it all…Jesus at the Center of it all, from beginning to the end it will always be, it’s always been you Jesus.”

My heart dropped because I realized I was so stuck on meeting this amazing woman of God, that I had missed the point. Jesus. What she does is for Jesus. What I strive to be is for Jesus.

I am so sorry, I said. It is all about you. Thank you for this moment but help me not forget these words.

And then I heard him clear as day speak these words to my heart…

One day,  you will enter heaven and the crowd will be gathered around me, just as they were with Lysa tonight. As you make your way to the front, our eyes will meet and I WILL KNOW YOU! I will know every detail of your heart. Not one moment of your life will be missed by me and I will embrace you. I will hold you tightly. This moment is something I am waiting and longing for my sweet daughter.”

Seriously, I couldn’t control the tears.  That is what it is all about friends. In this world, we have people we look up too. We get star struck, but there is coming a day that we will be face to face with our GOD! We will meet our Father, our Saviour , our pursuer and our friend. The intimacy we will experience in that moment can not be measured or comprehended here on earth.

Oh, How I can not wait for that moment. I can not wait to have his arm around me and know that He KNOWS me!

Nothing in this world will ever compare.

meeting Lysa

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