What I’m Giving My Family This Christmas

What I'm giving my fami Christmas felt like it came and went last year. My oldest was 4 the middle was 2 and my new baby boy was only 5 months old. We moved 2 weeks before to Louisiana from Austin, Texas. With the move it was just too much to try to put up a tree or decorate and we could afford very few and  very small gifts. Of course we celebrated on Christmas day with family but my heart and mind were so preoccupied with all I had to do and all of the changes in our lives that I could not give my family or God what they deserved. It was understandable but I resolved that the next year would be different. That next year is now! So, what am I giving them?

My Time

As a mom, my schedule is already pretty full. My day doesn’t have many gaps of time but some things have had to be put aside in order to make time for Holiday fun. christmas tree craft leaf turkey My kids are at the age (my girls really) where they love simple things. We have spent our afternoons crafting Christmas trees from paper strips, making Turkeys out of leaves and building snowmen indoors. We have also spent time watching Christmas movies with hot chocolate and extra marshmallows, or reading Christmas stories at the dinner table. indoor snowman Some days are messy, some take preparation but in the end, I am giving them my uninterrupted time; having fun and laughing at our silly creations.


When you look back to Christmas, what do you remember with the most joy?  If you are like me, it is the family traditions or moments together. My sister and brother and I would put on a little “play” each year on Christmas Eve for my parents and grandparents. While my siblings may look back and sigh, I can’t help but wish I could go back to one of those afternoons before Christmas where I tried choreographing the perfect steps to go with the music. It was simple, it was embarrassing but it was part of the Memories. I am giving that to my children. I don’t know for sure what they will remember most fondly but I am slowing down enough to create those memories. Since 2004 we have cut down our own tree and we continued on with the tradition this year. We rode the hayride to the tree, found the perfect one and brought it to our living room. Decorating it with the young ages in our home was not fun for me at all. It was hectic but as I found myself stressing, I tried to remember that these were memories being made for my children. Ember told us later that decorating the tree was her favorite part! family tree cutting 2014

decorating the tree

Soon, we will pack up in the SUV with Pjs and hot cocoa to look at the Christmas lights while Frosty the snowman plays in the background. While cooking dinner I have had the Christmas songs playing. As the kids walk in I grab each one, hand in my hand and we dance around the kitchen. They giggle and I almost burn the bacon…but they will remember! It is about stopping to take a moment to create fun and smiles.


All of the above is magical, it is fun and it warms the heart but something more important that I am giving my family this year is hope. As we make our crafts at the kitchen table, I remind them of the story  that we celebrate every year. The Baby that brought hope to every generation to come. I tell them of Christ’s birth and tell them how excited I am that we get to have a birthday party for Jesus. The decorating of the tree is just part of getting the home ready for the celebration. Each meaningful ornament is a reminder of what God has done for us each year and what He has blessed us with. We hang them in honor of Him. Each moment or memory that I give to my children is another opportunity for me to instill in them the hope that came down to us on Christmas day.  Sometimes I feel like it is not all sinking in but then moments like tonight happen. mac and the Bible Mackenzie, 5 years old, sat on the couch beside me looking at her children’s Bible. She saw the picture of Jesus on the cross and began to tell me how sad it was that He was hurt so that we could go to heaven. She then asked me questions about how she could go to heaven. I stopped everything I was doing to listen, talk and read with her. As I read through the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, she listened intently.  I set hope before my daughter tonight and I would not have wanted to be anywhere else than in that moment.

Christmas is almost here!

I haven’t bought half of the gifts that I need to!  I am not sending out cards to everyone on our friends list even, though I love the idea of that. My house is not in the order I’d like it to be in and as I type this I still have corn starch and shaving cream (aka indoor snow) on my kitchen floor. Tis the season though! More than anything, this is the time of year to give and what I am giving is my time, memories and hope! They  will last a lot longer than that Frozen Castle my girls are begging for!

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