Where Everybody Knows My Name…


You walk into the room. Everything in you fought doing this today, but something pushed you to go. You need it, your kids need it. You put on your favorite outfit; the one you feel somewhat attractive and put together in. More than the blow dryer was used this morning! The normal routine includes wrapping a towel around your head after your shower and hoping you get time to at least comb through it before it dries but if the kids are feeling extra vivacious you just grab a ponytail holder and go on your way, hoping no one looks too closely.  Today was different, you set the alarm a little earlier, determined to blow dry, use hair product to get that full “Texas hair” look and you even put on makeup and…wait for it….EYELINER!! Maybe if you feel good about the way you look, others will too.  This could be the day you meet a friend.  Finally, you may have someone that will know your name! Because of our recent move in December, this scenario has played out a lot in my life lately.  We moved here knowing NO ONE! I was very optimistic before the move. Despite the stereotype, I was homeschooled for 12 years yet I am very outgoing.  I don’t find it hard to strike up a conversation in almost any situation and if it gets silent in a room you can count on me to fix that…quickly. After moving here though, I found myself more afraid and more insecure than in the past. I’ve known it is best for my kids and I to get out and meet new faces but quite honestly, some days sitting at home has seemed more comforting.  Right away I signed us up for the local Mother’s of Preschoolers program. I’ve gone to every church service possible even when Derrick has had to work and I knew I would be sitting alone in the crowd. We went to a small children’s theater play with the homeschool group and I’ve tried to go to ladies events at the church whenever possible. All in all, I’ve been craving something. My heart has burned for it. I’ve continue to make myself vulnerable and step out of my comfort zone to fulfill a deep desire. I thought maybe that desire was to get out of the house and spend time away from the kids. As a mom, that is important and I am no exception to needing my time.  I know that has been part of my need but that is not all. I want more, I long for more. Sunday morning, Derrick, the kids and I walk into the church doors of honestly one of the friendliest churches I’ve ever been a part of. We’ve received handshakes, hugs, smiles and so many kind words from men and woman that have no idea who we are but legitimately are happy to see us there. Today was different. Today, it hit me what I really need, what I so strongly desire. My husband helped me see it. While walking down the hall after services and picking up our children, one of the music ministers stopped Derrick. He had recognized him from one of the men’s lunches Derrick had attended ( which was WAY out of his comfort zone!). He KNEW him. He asked if he would be bringing his family to the event that evening and they chatted for a moment, Derrick gave him his business card with his cell number on it and we went on our way. I’m sure to this man, it was just a simple chat but to my Derrick, it was a huge step here in our new world. He didn’t say as much, but he didn’t have to.  His smile went form ear to ear, he stood up straight and continued walking like a man, a man that was KNOWN. Don’t we all desire that? Don’t we desire not to just know someone’s name, to know what they look like and to spot them across the room but to be KNOWN by them? It is like a cup full of joy to me. When someone knows you, really KNOWS you, it is refreshing and most of all comforting.  You don’t have to walk in that room wondering who will I talk to, where will I sit? Someone knows you, you know them! I know it is simple really but as women we miss out on it so much. Let’s face it ladies, Women are fake as they come!  I know, that sounds so harsh but it is true and I am no exception. We can walk in and walk out of a woman’s get together and not be one step closer into a relationship with someone. We are great at talking, some of us are great at listening ( not my best quality!) but we can do all this and still never really KNOW anyone. I think it is because we are too afraid to really let someone know us! On the other side of the relationship, we aren’t taking the time to really know someone! It takes a lot of work, we are most likely going to get hurt. Time that we don’t have will have to be spent and lets face it, it is so much easier to just let someone see the surface of our lives than to let them dig in to the messy parts of our heart. It is scary there! No one wants to see that. But, that is where we are wrong. God has planted in us all a desire to know and to be known in this way. This is what real friendships are made of and I’ve noticed in my 31 years on this earth that it is very rare to have someone you let this close to you. I have let myself get caught in the lie that no one wants to know me deeper. I have had friends that I have desired a deeper relationship with yet was to afraid to take that step in fear they really didn’t have the time or interest in it like I did. We all have reasons why we shy away from deep relationships and being vulnerable. Truth is though, we want more, and we need more. I could go on much deeper into this topic and I probably will the more I grow in this myself but I found great encouragement in what God had to say about this in my life. No one ever has, does or ever will know me like He knows me! Best part is, He loves knowing me! He loves what He sees and he wants to dig in deeper every day, hour and minute that goes by. He has time for me. He isn’t afraid of what He is going to see and He waits beside me constantly ready for me to open up another piece of my heart to Him. That is not all. He wants me to know Him as well. This isn’t just a one sided relationship! We have all been in one of those where you open up and pour yourself out to a friend only to have a door closed in your face on the other side. Not our God! He has a door that is wide open! In fact, He doesn’t even have a door! His word is full of who He is. The deep stuff! He doesn’t stop there though. If we will listen when we are talking to him, He wants to reveal more of who He is. More of what brings Him joy, more of his goals and desires.  Really let this sink in. Reread what I just wrote if you have to .  The God of the universe said these words “Before I formed you in the womb I KNEW YOU!” Jeremiah 33:5  ” I am the good shepherd and I KNOW my sheep and am KNOWN by my own” John 10:14,27    But if anyone loves God, he is KNOWN by Him. 1Corinthians 8:3 There are many more verses describing how we are known by God. For a wife, mom, and sometimes helpless girl that longs to be known, reading these scriptures and being reminded of this love is the encouragement I have been needing and honestly will continue to need as long as I am on this earth!  So, do you want to go where everybody knows your name…and they’re always glad you came?  ( I know it is cheesy, but true!) Run to the arms of God! He knows your name and there is no time of the day, no hour and no minute that goes by that He is not waiting patiently to talk to you. It really  doesn’t get deeper than that.

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  • It is so sweet and precious to “be known” by a body of believers. I hope you guys are able to find a church home where you can be real, authentic, and loved.
    Gabby@MamaGab recently posted…Organized HomeschoolMy Profile

    • Thank you! We are attending the New members class at the church we have been attending, this weekend. We are so excited and really hope this is the beginning of something amazing for our future! I pray you find the same in your new adventures in life!

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