Will You be Thankful Tomorrow?


Will You Be Thankful Tomorrow?

Thanksgiving evening I had the song stuck in my head, “Will you still love me, tomorrow?’  You know, the one on the famous, Dirty Dancing? Suddenly, I replaced those words in my mind with, “Will you BE THANKFUL, Tomorrow”  I thought it would make a great post title!

My heart was full of gratefulness for my family and all the memories we had  made together that day. We had Thanksgiving lunch just the 5 of us.  At lunch, Derrick talked to all of us about the meaning of Thanksgiving and even though our kids are still too young to fully understand what we truly should be thankful for, I so enjoyed listening to their favorite things and to them thanking God for those small trinkets of joy that they possessed.

Later that afternoon, we cut down our Christmas tree. This is an annual tradition that Derrick and I started 10 years ago when we were first married. My heart literally leaped as I watched all three of my children walk behind daddy to find the perfect tree. My, how fast the time goes and how blessed I truly have been in such a short time.

Something about thanksgiving and Fall weather make me so nostalgic and thankful for the little things. Memories flood my mind, people all around seem to be enjoying simple things like stuffing, turkey crafts and even that crazy relative we all have! Holiday’s like this tend to bring out the joy and smiles.

Will you be thankful, tomorrow?

The song seemed to be stuck in my head but I got busy over the weekend and forgot to write what I had on my mind. The song still stuck.

Today, four days later, my son was up early and has been crying ever since, refusing anything that resembles a nap. My three year old has disobeyed the “one show” rule at naptime and has kept her brother crying even more with the” need to go potty” over and over and my 5 year old and I sat and cried together because teaching her to read today was no joke! Nothing has gone as I would like. Disturbing information in the mail, bills are due, Christmas toys seems to be way to expensive and when am I even going to get that bathroom clean? UGGGHH, today was supposed to be a good day!

Will you be thankful, tomorrow?

I heard the words to the song once again and knew right away that I was not meant to write that post when I was still thankful but when I had already forgotten to be just that.

It reminds me of the scripture I read just this morning. In Exodus 16, the Israelites are starting to complain that they have no food. I have to admit, it’s not something I  blame them for being concerned about but this is right after they praised God with a celebration, thanking Him for parting the Red Sea! Have you heard that story? Crazy! One of the biggest miracles of all time, in my humble opinion! Yet, now, they are hungry and they are not getting the food fast enough so they are complaining. They are not happy!

God Answers their complaint in verse 12. ” I have heard the Israilites complaints. Now tell them, ‘In the evening you will have meat to eat, and in the morning you will have all the bread you want. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God.'” And, He kept His word. They had all the food they needed. They were happy and thankful again.

…Until the next chapter! Now they are thirsty and man are they whining. “why did you bring us here? Are you trying to kill us?” Once again, they are caught up in all that is wrong around them and have forgotten what the Lord just did and is still continuing to do for them by providing meat at night and Mana in the mornings. God is working miracles all around them but as soon as the day passes, they are complaining again.

Just like today. I have love and joy all around me. I woke up, singing the praises of my God; thanking Him and being reminded of all He has done. Four days ago you couldn’t have wiped the silly smile off my face but oh how a crying child, disobedience and uncomfortable circumstances can change my heart.

There is always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for

So, as I sat here, replaying the events of the day and the song that keeps playing in my mind. I choose to bring it back to a heart of thankfulness. You have heard the saying, There is always, ALWAYS, something to be thankful for. Well, it is true. “Be Thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” (I Thessalonians 5:18 NLT) It wouldn’t be commanded if it weren’t doable and important.

I have so much to be thankful for right here in what seems like chaos.

For working lungs on a crying toddler

For a 3 year old who is able to walk out of her room at naptime

For a dream come true to be home and train my children today

For the ability to teach my child to read

For a child who has the ability to learn and grow in knowledge

For a faithful husband who can’t help with the kids at the moment because he has a job he is committed to

For my health when my children need me

For a bathroom to clean when many would love to have a covered, working bathroom and shower

For a home where we can do life under one roof and make memories


I can keep going on and on. Truth is, we have to choose to be thankful in the moments that bring frustration or days when we say “God, why did you bring me here?” It is easy when all around us is going well and we are sitting in front of a fried turkey, grandma’s mashed potatoes and all the family is gathered together but

“Will you be thankful, tomorrow?”


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