Would You Stay With “Every Reason To Leave”?

Every Reason To Leave


When I received the request to review this book called “Every Reason To Leave” I looked forward to helping other marriages with an honest assessment of the book but I never imagined I would learn so much for myself!

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As I’ve stated in previous posts, my marriage has not always been what it is today and is still a work in progress. We have gone through many challenges but reading Vicki Rose’s words and her heart opened my eyes to truthfully how amazing our God is.

I am not a huge reader. I have to really get caught up in the story in order to want to finish a book. This book did that for me. Mrs. Rose has a way of drawing you in to her journey. You find yourself not wanting to miss a moment of her vulnerability and passion.

The Rose’s marriage started rocky from the beginning. The one thing they had going for them was money. Billy Rose is part owner of the New York Yankees. Reading about their extravagant life was fun and far from where my marriage started out but that was not enough to keep a marriage going just as we all know, money doesn’t make you happy for long. There were real problems in their union and before too long, it become to overwhelming for both of them.

I don’t want to give it all away, but I was amazed at the strength of Vicki during this time. Two small children, living in NYC and doing it all alone. I respect her so much. You can feel her pain, anger and her desire for a better life.  My heart was breaking for her in this time of separation from her husband.

The story does not end there though and just as in my marriage, God keeps His promises and has the victory over the devils desire to end us. Journeying through their God moments blessed my life. Many nights I would read pages of Vicki’s testimony to my husband. I was just so blown away with how God showed off through their love. A story any human would call an end to, He made a Happily Every After.

I am thankful for women such as Vicki Rose who cling to God through the storm and live to tell about it. Her openness is humbling and yet inviting. Her pain was real and crippling. I know she is not the only one who has traveled this road. Her story is not the only one of it’s kind but it is being used to encourage many other marriages.

Through her willingness to share what God has revealed in her own marriage, I was able to learn some very huge truths for my own responsibility as a wife. Respect. I really thought I was pretty good at that. I offered respect in most cases, I felt, but Vicki’s words hit me hard.

“Respect allows the other person to fail. It says ‘I trust you.’ Respect even includes something as small as not rolling your eyes at another’s actions or words. Respect is a choice; it is not based on what someone does but on who he or she is- a person created by God.”

Eyes wide open now! I am the queen of rolling my eyes…especially behind his back and safely allowing him to fail…not so good at that either. I humbly apologized to my husband for this. I am so blessed to be able to follow this man. I do not want any part of his job as the leader of our home. He does not always make the perfect choice or the choice that makes sense to me but THANK GOD I am not in his shoes!

I love that the book is full of scriptures that offer comfort, encouragement and growth. Vicki and her husband have spent much time together in God’s word and she shares the many messages God has led her through here.

I strongly recommend this book whether your marriage is struggling right now, has in the past or you are living the dream you always hoped it would be.

Every wife can be encouraged through each chapter Vicki has poured out in her writing. Get it, read it and pass it on to a friend who could use some encouragement.

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Vicki Rose - Author/Speaker

Vicki Rose is a Bible teacher with a life changing message. She has a strong passion and desire for people to see God and His power and His word and to come to a closer relationship with Him . She has been featured on several radio shows and serves as a mentor to young women in her church.

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